bukit damansara carnival

October 5, 2009


There was a Bukit Damansara Grand Carnival on Sunday, the first major event that they’ve organised (I think?).


I went a bit late, so most of the hype was over, food were finishing and people were leaving. But it was nice because it was more relaxed and less glaring-hot-sun-like.

There were music, fun and food. Stalls of yummy food, clothes, hair accessories, books, even facial products.


I was so excited to eat the yummy A&W curly fries πŸ˜€


I reaaaally wanted to go on those, but no one wanted to come with me! Not even Little Niece. Pftt party poopers.

So we just sat and ate some asam laksa, like a group of boring old people.



I was minding my own business, slurping my yummy laksa, when these 2 randomers just sat down with us and demanded we take their pictures.


I decided the view was more interesting.


ButΒ then, something more interesting caught my eye.


The Deputy Prime Minister came with his entourage, totally discreet and humble.

Joining the media ambushing them, I tried to get a picture of them.


Sorry, I really meant to get their faces, but it’s reflex!! I automatically focus on the most important thing.

Gorgeous, isn’t she?


I’m away again on a business trip to Jakarta. Wish me luck!! Am so scared there’ll be another earthquake or bombing or something :S