October 31, 2009

Little Nephew is at that stage where he can’t stop talking. Like seriously cannot stop talking. His mouth is like a car engine now….it doesn’t stop running unless you turn it off (i.e. put him to sleep).

The funny thing is that he doesn’t have a big bank of vocabulary and he only knows a few words. So, he’ll repeat the same thing over and over and over again. And invent his own words.

Sometimes we don’t even understand what he’s saying, so we ignore him. And when we ignore him, he’ll come 2 inches away from our faces and repeat the sentence. Over and over and over and over again. And if we ignore him still, he would get really pissed off and frustrated. He will not stop until you acknowledge him.

It’s soooo tiring to listen to him. Sometimes we just look at him and sigh, “Can you stop talking for just one minute? Just one minute.” Of course, to no avail because he’ll open his mouth again and blab for an hour about his toy bus and how yellow it is.

So to shut him up, I thought I would colour with him. I thought if he was busy doing something, he wouldn’t talk as much. But nooooooo, the whole time we were colouring, he kept on talking about some random thing only he knows about, and not only that, he kept disturbing me with my colouring.


You can guess which one my work of art was…My Pooh was blue…from the North Pole. OK fine, it was the only colour Little Nephew would allow me to use. Tyrant.


This was Little Nephew’s idea of colouring. I’m guessing colouring inside the lines isn’t his priority in life.

He made me colour Tigger’s nose green.

Me: Why green?

LN: Tigger having flu, Maksu. Green ‘hingus’ (snot).

Little kids are just so cute.

Sometimes, I look at Little Nephew after a long day at work or when I’m thinking about something, and he really lifts all the fatigue or worries away. Spending time with little kids makes you feel like everything else in the world is minute and any problem seems so silly. They really are a blessing.

Kudos to my sister for popping them out. Hehe.