cool and collected t-bags

October 28, 2009

I’m back at work and I’m feeling so much better having things to do! I finally feel useful…hehe.

Anyway, first things first.

Designer review.

T-Bags is one of my favourite brands and I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about it yet.


Behind the solid bold prints and gorgeous vintage patterns are 2 young designers; Shadi Askari (a Boston University graduate) and Su-Lyn Tay (a Nottingham University graduate). Worn by countless celebrities, T-Bags is a world-known brand which was established in 2001 designing only handbags. T-Bags enthusiasts like me can spot a T-Bags creation anywhere; distinctive prints, flattering cuts, gold buttons, tiny discreet T-Bags logo all over the clothes.

I love T-Bags tops, maxi dresses and playsuits. Although, now in KL, playsuits are a distant memory for me (because T-bags minidresses and playsuits are very very short), so I can only admire them on my computer screen on some online website. Over the years, I’ve collected a few pieces from T-Bags and I am still craving for more.


These are just some of the pieces I have. There is a hugeeee collection in their website for a better feel of T-Bags

Like this yellow top. It just suddenly popped on my screen out of nowhere, without me having to type “T-Bags” on the search box on Shopbop *ahem*

Picture 3

Add to basket. Hehe. I know, I know…it’s not just yellow, it’s bright yellow. But it’ll surely open up anyone’s eyes on a Monday morning, no?

Seriously, out of all the brands I’ve tried, I loveeeee how T-Bags clothes are so comfortable, light and easy to wear. Whenever I go on a holiday, I never forget to bring at least 1 T-Bags piece of clothing because it helps me travel lighter. Because of the usual loud prints, heavy accessorising isn’t necessary (well for me, anyway), so that would save your suitcase from the load of silver and gold bangles, necklaces and whatnots. Maybe just a simple hat. (Oh godddd I want to go on a holiday now….)

The only bad thing is that all their clothes so far has to be dry-cleaned, which would mean enormous laundry bills for us. One of my very clever friend put her T-Bags dress in the washing machine, and now it has become a top.

If I can sum up T-Bags, I would say they exude a certain kind of aura; casual, cool, and effortless bohemian chic.

You can buy T-Bags online at Shopbop, Revolveclothing, net-a-porter or Outnet. But if you live in KL, Maizen in Bangsar stocks them.