the moo skirt

October 2, 2009

I get a headache looking around my room, accessories piled up in one corner, dresses in one corner, loose photos in one corner, books in every corner. Arrghhh!

I haven’t fully unpacked and organised my clothes yet, ever since I came back to KL for good. Because I had no time, and because I’m waiting for more boxes to arrive from the shipping company.

I walk into my room and see piles of jeans stacked up, untouched and unloved, and I feel so sad!

I realise I haven’t worn jeans in agessssss. I actually miss the heavy blue denim material squeezing my thighs and bursting my blood vessels. You know you’re getting old when you get a thrill putting on jeans during the weekend. Grinning from left ear to right ear in the mall, maybe skip and twirl a bit, as if you’ve done something extremely wonderful.

I have been living in black, navy and grey trousers by day, and straight to my pyjamas by night.

People in KL don’t really dress up for work, especially if you work in the construction business. Going to dangerous sites and the factory; those aren’t really places to show off your 5-inch platforms and your DVF wrap dresses. I want to dress like the characters in Devil Wears Prada and all that, but it’s just so unrealistic…unless I work in a magazine company.

I feel like such an unglamorous contractor. Hehe. Soon, you’ll see me in khaki overalls.

I wore a Charlotte Ronson sleveless top with a Topshop cardigan today, and one colleague commented I was dressed too sexily today! What!?! I thought I looked so decent covered up in a cardigan! I haven’t even worn my pencil skirt yet! I wonder what they’ll say if I wear it. Probably drop their cup of coffee, and get a blanket to cover my bare legs.

I work in a private company while Toots works in a big public-listed organisation, and you can really see the difference in our work attire.

I can wear anything that looks formal and decent (floral stuff, colourful prints, wrap dresses, platforms, flats, chunky accessories), basically just no jeans. On lazy days I will just wear baju kurung to work because I can’t be bothered to think about what to wear. I always keep a suit jacket or blazer in the office, and a pair of decent shoes in case we have an ad hoc meeting with outsiders or an unexpected important visitor comes to the office.

Toots, on the other hand, has to accord to some dress code; only collared shirts and closed-toed shoes. Which restricts her wardrobe option a lot. But this is the normal dress code, which applies to majority of workers especially working in banks and GLCs.

That’s why I was surprised when she slept over and brought this to wear the next day to work.


I saw this and I knew she wouldn’t wear it the next day. “You’re wearing that to work?!”

The next morning, she woke me up at 7am (poor girl has to leave early to avoid the crazy morning traffic in town) while I was sleeping peacefully dreaming about handbags (I live 2 mins away from my office heeeee :D).

“Titts, wake up!!”

I peered at her, trying so hard to unglue my eyelids. I didn’t see her, I saw her skirt first. “What you want?”

She shifted uncomfortably in her clothes. “I’m going to work now.”

“Stop dancing. You’re giving me a headache with your cow skirt.”

“I don’t want to wear this to work. I need another skirt.

I grumpily woke up and raided my super messy wardrobe. Too early in the morning for this.

I only had one black pencil skirt and I rummaged my wardrobe to find it. Turned out it was lying pretty on one of the counters next to my jeans pile.

She didn’t like the skirt.

I rummaged again and found another skirt. “Here you go,” I hand it to her sleepily, not really aware what I gave her.

“It’s denim!!!”

I managed a chuckle. Can’t believe I gave her a blue denim skirt to wear to work. Hehe.

“I can’t wear your pants, can I?” she stupidly asked.

I laughed out loud. That giraffe wants to wear my skirt. She’s so tall, and I’m so short. My poor trousers will rip at the seams, not to mention leaving Toots looking like she’s wearing three-quarter pants, ready to go farming or something.

So, there she was, left with literally nothing to wear to work.

Thank god I remembered I had a couple of new trousers lying around, unaltered.

So the length fit her perfectly.

Problem solved.

She went to work, and I went back to bed to sneak in a little bit more of sleeping time.


I had a couple of requests to write on working attire.

Feeling like it’s not really my forte, I have invited Toots to write a blog entry about it to be featured as the first Guest Blogger in Happy Go Ducky.

Simply because she knows formal work attire better than I do, and she is a fantastic writer. Yay for all of us, she graciously accepted.

But she only writes when the sky is clear, the stars are shining, all the leaves are green and flowers are bloom. So, I guess we’ll just have to wait and not hold our breaths.