epitome of elegance

October 23, 2009

I am a big headband fan.

Headbands can transform you into a sweet lady instantly. Even the most tomboy-ish girl will sit pretty cross-legged with a dainty headband on her head.

I like the fact that most of the time, headbands draw attention to the face instead of hair. On the worst hair days ever (today, in my case), a headband can be your best friend. Either push all your hair back, or sweep your hair in a bun. And then place a really nice headband on top of your head. Voila, you’re good to go. And you’ll get comments like, “Omg I’ve never actually seen your face properly. You have really nice green eyes.” (hello, Acuvue coloured contacts!) or “You look a lot fresher today. What’s new?”


I’m sure you’ve all heard of Jennifer Behr, made famous by Gossip Girl single-handedly, as seen on Blair Waldorf almost all the time. At a party, sipping cocktails at a fancy bar, in a plain school uniform, in the toilet, in her sleep, she’s almost always carrying the load of the infamously expensive Jennifer Behr crystals on her head. Poor little rich girl.

But I don’t blame her. If I had ten thousand Jennifer Behr headbands, I’d be wearing them in the shower. All of them at once! Haha.

Most of Jennifer Behr’s work pay tribute to the Victorian times; elegance, demure, dainty. But the new Autumn/Winter 2009 collection is a bit more punk elegance; dark, goth, black pearls, studs, spikes! Yikes. Not my kind of thing, but I guess it’s good that she’s catering to a bigger market.


Moon and star? Inspired by the Malaysian flag, much? Hehe..

I bought this Jennifer Behr headband and I am absolutely head over heels for it.


Picture 6

I love the rich red colour, that could just brighten up any dull face. And the crystal just adds a glam factor.

But somehow I look a bit odd wearing it out to the mall. How does Blair Waldorf do it?? I want my own TV show. Pftt.

I am biting my nails, thinking whether I should get this or not. It’s already in my basket. HELP!!!

Picture 9

Yes or no? Even the girl is nodding intensely, thinking “Yes, PD, yes…seriously buy my headband.”.