fashion victim

October 17, 2009

Toots called me with a big problem to tell.

She had a birthday party to go to in a couple of hours, and she had nothing to wear.

Acknowledging that it was a huge problem, I jumped out of bed and into her car, already waiting outside.

We went to some shops which were really dodgy. I mean, yes, they had some nice stuff, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the tags. I was so angry to see Marc Jacobs labels on almost everything they had, and Anna Sui and Gucci and Chanel and all that.

They were all lies!!!

They probably bought a bulk of clothes from China at a low price, and marked the prices up to like RM 300+ or even RM 600+.

For pirated, fake clothes.

I mean, come on!! Marc Jacobs for RM 100?!! In your dreams.

I walked around the shop, still in disbelief. I tried to think whether this was really fake or not. Maybe I haven’t seen the collection before….maybe these were clothes from the really really old collections, way before I was born…but when I observed closer, they were really cheap material, and some threads were broken, and OMG the designs are soooo disgusting, I am so angry even writing this.

Being in those shops, I felt like I was being lied to. Like the salespeople knew the clothes were fake and would probably giggle when you leave the shop after buying the clothes.

I felt cheated, and dumbed down surrounded by all these “designer” clothes. I would not want any woman to be fooled into thinking she’s buying a genuine Chanel dress at RM 400, probably happy and can’t wait to tell their friends about these amazing shops, that just lied to her.


This top above was labeled “Diane von Furstenberg“. OK fine, the colours could still fool me. But the bib neckline?! Seriously?! So not high fashion. And if you look closely, there are silver-embroidered stars around the colour. Floral pattern and stars??!! Are they mad? DVF would never!!



I quite liked this dress, but when I saw GUCCI written on it I wanted to laugh. The label was not the genuine Gucci label. It was different in size and material! At RM 450 for this fake Gucci dress, it’s an insult to our intelligence.



That’s not even the real Matthew Williamson label!!!! Β The real label has pink fonts, not red!! You can never buy MW for less than hundreds of pounds. MW would be so insulted if he saw this.

Then there’s the Marc Jacobs label sewed onto everything else in the shop…..



Such cheap-looking material, and ugly design. I mean, organza sleeves?! Really?!!

Then I saw this, and just stormed out of the store.



Marc Jacobs would faint if he saw his name on this.

I’m not trying to put the shop-owners down. I think it’s really great they were brave enough to start a business and open pretty shops selling nice-ish clothes…but what pisses me off is that they try to cheat and lie to their buyers.

Why, oh, why do they have to put designer labels on their clothes? Why can’t it just be label-less? What, have we ladies gotten soooo materialistic that we’d only buy something that says Gucci or Chanel, regardless of the authenticity?!

Some of their clothes are quite pretty, and I would love to buy them. But after seeing the labels on the back, I just couldn’t give the owners the satisfaction.

Honestly, some people wouldn’t know it’s not real. Some people would think it’s real, and spend a significant amount of money to pay for these clothes and feel proud that they owned a label. Except, that’s not the truth. And they’re just being fooled by the shop-owners.

That’s not even the only insulting thing. It’s even more insulting to the designers.

You wouldn’t like it if someone appropriated your work of art, or your copyright, or your name which you’ve worked hard to build to be recognised worldwide. So, why would you do it to them? How would you like it if someone stuck your name all over some really ugly clothes? I think it’s really disrespectful to use people’s names for your betterment, without them even knowing.

Just strip off the labels already!!