grooming day

October 25, 2009

Sick or not, hair care is a must!

I needed to do my roots and add a bit of colour, since my hair has been looking quite dull lately.

Since I don’t have 2 hours on a weekday to just waste at the salon, weekends are my only hope to love and pamper myself.

I shouldn’t have gone out because I was sick. But I was getting really bored just staying in bed at home, and I needed something to get excited for. I don’t believe in just staying in bed, you’ll get mentally weaker that way.

Booked the first appointment, which was at 10am. Bright and early on a Saturday morning. Got my coffee and I was ready for my hair to be painted!


Of course, with some of these in between…


The staff felt so sorry for me, they gave me a whole box of tissue to take home.

Anyway, 2 hours later, I transformed into the most attractive thing ever.


Hehe the girl version of Simba.

This is why they provide private rooms in salons! I kept covering my face with magazines. But there was a problem; I really really really had to pee. Damn coffee.

Another hour or so later and painful pee-restricting, I was out of there. My appointment was at 10am and I only left at about 1.30pm! 3 and a half hours numbed my bottoms to the point of no return. I was BORED and IMPATIENT. My stylist was so sick of me complaining, he got 2 other people to help him with my hair. Heee. If I didn’t make a fuss, I would probably still be sitting on that chair right now.

I decided to do the whole grooming package; so I went for waxing and eyebrow-threading as well.


I only started waxing a couple of months back, and I love it. OK, well, not love it….I’m not psycho…I just don’t mind it anymore. It’s so convenient and effective and quick! And it really makes the hair grow less!

I still remember my first time waxing. The lady asked me to lie down, took off appropriate pieces of clothing (I’m not telling which!) and relax. RELAX? Crazy lady going to kill my nerves.

She took a stick and dipped it into the hot wax and just before she put it onto my skin, I stopped her.

“Wait, wait!! I don’t want la…I scared pain.” I was chickening out.

She just rolled her eyes and smacked the stick of wax onto my skin. What was I thinking, this lady does this all day, she probably heard that line 50 times before I came in. The wax was hot! (it was probably warm but at this point, every one of my senses was heightened! Room temperature would be boiling hot for me.)

I was really scared now. There’s no turning back. The wax was already covering my skin, there’s only one way to take it off.

The lady came back with the white strip. Oh nooooo. Two words that can kill me now; WHITE. STRIP.

“Umm umm, wait! I need to hold something.” I searched the little booth covered with only curtains and just grabbed whatever was closest. I gripped it hard and closed my eyes shut. “OK, you can do it now.” I nodded, but with full reluctance. It was like saying, “OK, you can put that bullet through my head now. I’m ready.”

Suddenly, she squealed. Wait, why was she screaming? I’m the one *&^% scared right now!

“Can you please let go off my arm? It’s hard for me to do work!” the lady said, annoyed.

“…sorry,” I unclenched my grip from her arm, leaving my nail marks visible on her skin. Ohh I didn’t realise I was grabbing her arm. Oops.

I settled for my shirt and gripped it hard.

“OK, you can do it —“




I screamed in the booth, couldn’t care less that there were other people in the place.

It was painful!!!!! I gave the lady a why-didn’t-you-wait-for-my-cue look and she just chuckled.

Hate her.

But I’ve been going to her ever since and she’s really nice. Hehe. I’m still scared everytime she puts wax on me, but it’s getting better now. She waits for my cue before she yanks the strip off me, and I don’t leave her abuse marks on her arm anymore.

Now I rely solely on my shirt. That’s why I walk (wobble) out of the place with a big crumpled patch on my shirt. Then you know I’ve just gone waxing.

Sigh, women go through so much time and pain to keep ourselves clean, groomed and nice. It’s so sad when men don’t appreciate their women.