Guest Blogger 1: Adeline Tan on Jewellery Basics

October 13, 2009

Jewellery Basics by Adeline Tan

Every girl’s wardrobe (I believe) is (or if not, should be) made up of, a few staple basics such as the white tank top, jeans, the boyfriend shirt and an LBD to begin with. Something that always works even on those days when you wake up “feeling fat” or discover that “I have no clothes” when you just rummaged through a mountain load of clothes enough to open a boutique 🙂 Sounds familiar? Well, the same goes with accessorizing. Sometimes I look into my jewellery box and find that nothing goes. It usually screams one thing or the other- too loud, too subtle, too boring, too colourful, too serious or too playful, but that’s just what makes us girls.

Most magazines usually write up on ‘wardrobe basics’ one too many times and hardly ever on ‘jewellery basics’, neglecting the little things which complete the look. Let’s not go into fashion and trends here but rather look at classic pieces worth dishing out for. Think of it as the fundamental building blocks of your jewellery box. In these challenging economic times especially, it is even more crucial to make smart-buys and invest in pieces that work for you.A few things to consider: versatility, quality, affordability and a little creativity to go with can take you a long way from day to night and from work to play. Here are four basic must-haves I highly recommend:

1. Silver

Return to Tiffany collection heart tag bracelet
Silver spells a sleek and polished look. Its classy yet understated and very chic. A personal silver must-have piece is my Tiffany & Co. sterling silver charm bracelet although my mum disagrees as she thinks I’m paying too much for just silver. Well, that’s what you get when you pay a premium for labels I guess 😛

2. Gold

I remember going through my teenage phase where gold was apparently tacky and I would often fuss for my mum to buy me silver jewellery or white gold. But she would always put up a fight with me saying that they have no value and choose a gold piece for me instead. Pfft…But now I have come to love gold a little more, I think it comes with age, Haha! But really, gold adds character to any outfit. A little more flashy than silver but its definitely a value buy. Despite my eternal love for Tiffany’s, I don’t think I can ever justify buying a gold charmbracelet from them because it’s pretty expensive. And again, for that price, my mum would rather take me to her jeweller and buy me two bracelets even for the price of one Tiffany gold charm bracelet of the same carat weight. But I was too nice a daughter and wouldn’t even let her take me to her jeweller but instead settled for a Juicy Couture 14k gold plated starter charm bracelet 🙂

3. Pearls

One of my childhood memories vividly recall me watching my mum throw on a strand of pearls and I’ll think to myself, WOW. I always thought that they looked so classy and just played up her whole look in an instance. OK, I just realized that I have been mum this and mum that, but it only goes to show how how big a role mothers and jewellery play in our life when growing up.
Tip: Do not buy faux pearls, y’know..the plastic kinds. They’re pretty tacky. Opt for freshwater pearls instead. They are au naturale, cheap and LOOK good too

4. Diamonds

Like you didn’t already know…”Diamonds are a girls best friend”. Duh. OK, but unlike BFFs which are pretty much heaven sent, diamonds on the other hand cost enough to make your man go, “For heaven’s sake, (dot dot dot)….” *Hands on ears screaming la la la…I don’t wanna hear what he’s gotta say* HEHE.
Tip: It doesn’t need to cost you an arm and leg to look like a million bucks. It’s all in the LOOK. Settle for crystal earrings instead such as these jewel studs by Mimco

A few tips:

  • Match your metal-tone across your whole outfit. If your handbag has silver hardware, then wear silver jewellery. Some may find this a little OTT (Over-the-top) but it shows attention to detail. Remember, its the little things that matter 😉
  • Running late and can’t decide what to accessorise? Earrings. Cos’ when you meet people, you are pretty much face-to-face and the first thing they’ll notice are your earrings. It shows that you took the time and effort to dress-up.
  • Get creative and make your jewel worth the bang for your buck- Buy a long pearl necklace, you can layer it into a 2-strand necklace or even as a multi-layered pearl bracelet. 3-in-1.
  • Lost one side of a dangly earring? Don’t throw it away. Wear it as a pendant.

This is just a starter kit. Play around your jewel box and throw on what works best for you.

Thank you Proud Duck for the honour of being your first guest blogger! 🙂 *Quack*