Guest Blogger 1 Intro: Spilling the Beads

October 11, 2009

Any outfit would be bare without even a little bit of accessories.

Earrings as heavy as chandelier, layered necklaces, waist-clinching belts, bangles up to your armpits, rings as big as a lollipop.

We all think we’ve got it going on. But sometimes, even the best gets it wrong.

Too much, too little, too heavy, too colour-clashing.

So, I’ve invited the best person to give us a tip or two.

None other than jewellery designer, accessories freak, young savvy entrepreneur, finance student, blogger cum good friend, Spilling The Beads.


At a young age, she along with her sisters, started their own jewellery line a few years back. Not something most of us can boast about whilst in high school (I, for one, was still playing hopscotch). Impressively the co-owner of the jewellery company, Minz, she always gets it right in the accessories department.

So, it is my pleasure to have her write as a Guest Blogger on Happy Go Ducky, and we shall await her entry.

In the meantime, you can check out her blog where she spills the beads on everything a girl should know!

No pressure, Adeline! Haha. 🙂