Guest Blogger 2 Intro

October 20, 2009

My second guest blogger is my second best friend in my whole life.

My first best friend was a girl I went to kindergarten with and we both ended up liking the same boy, hence friendship ended. Haha nolah…we’re still friends.

But then in primary school, I met this one girl; I remembered her as a give-it-to-you-straight-up-and-don’t-you-cry kind of girl. She was sweet, funny, kind, and extremely talented – in writing, in arts, in anything that has to do with the left side of your brain (or right…whichever the creative side is…). We were the kind of best friends who would go to each other’s houses every single day, run up and down the stairs for no reason, snoop into our sister’s things (maybe even read their diaries…I’m not sure), discovered “new things” together (yes, I still remember, Syad! Hehe)

She was into Sailormoon at one point, and I swear, she became obsessed to the point of being uncool! HAHA. She can draw fantastically and I sure hope she still has the talent.

We went to different high schools and our friendship faded.

But not forever!

We were reunited again when she came to the UK to read law (wow…great minds really do think alike…or quite the opposite really…whyyyyy did we take law?!) and I also discovered she has a blog, Stories in Time Capsule.

Reading her blog makes me realise there’s still that best friend that I remembered 13 years ago. Funny, warm-hearted, intelligent and talented. She didn’t go anywhere. She just got bigger (no pun intended!) and better.

Her name is Kautsar Abd Rahman.


She read my mom’s roast beef article, and now we can read about how she made her own roast beef. Get ready to giggle.