hardly a biker chick

October 29, 2009

I have been working very hard.

I spent almost the whole day in the factory today, walking up and down from one end to the other. Sweating in the hot sun.

I was wiping sweat dripping off my forehead, when suddenly….



….a prince charming from another kingdom came to sweep me away on his white horse.

Except my fairytale had a misunderstanding somewhere.

I ordered a Prince Charming, I got something a little less.

I ordered a white horse. I got something a little different.

I got this




But I didn’t mind.

I had so much fun being “chauffeured” around the factory with my ride.

Bring on some kain batik and I’ll braid my hair to the side, sit sideways and sing some Malay duet with my “abang”. And maybe change the factory background to a kampung setting. Maybe some coconut trees.

This bike is a “green” vehicle. It looks like a bicycle, but is actually a motorbike. But instead of using petrol to move, it uses some rechargeable motor thingy to generate power. Just like your mobile phone, all you have to do is charge this bike for a few hours and it will take you to places full speed.

And it has such cute pedals!


I looked at it and thought, “Mehhhh I can take this.” I got on it and was so shocked that it sped like crazy! I was holding on to dear life.


OK fine….maybe it was because I don’t know how to ride a bicycle (hehehe I was traumatised as a child after bruising my knee from falling off…bicycles are evil).

I have never gone on a motorcycle (except once when my dad thought he was a Harley Davidson biker boy….mid-life crisis hahaha), and I was surprised that I had so much fun!

Unlike being in a car, the wind just kissed your cheeks and everything was breezy and cool. It was so nice. Maybe not when it’s raining.

Would you choose a bike over a car?