jakarta love

October 6, 2009

Apart from Kuala Lumpur, another city I absolutely love is Jakarta. That’s why I jump at the opportunity to come here on business trips.

The people here are so nice and polite, the food is nice and plenty, it’s not far from our homeland and most importantly, there seems to be a shopping mall in every corner. Plaza Indonesia, Grand Indonesia, Seibu, Plaza Senayan, Senayan City. OMG SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM!

I went to Grand Indonesia for dinner with my colleagues and I spent half the time trying to memorise the layout and the shop locations. Chanel, Zara, Mango, Ted Baker, Gucci – they were all scattered and I was so annoyed!

The best part was Harvey Nics. Sigh, remembering the London days.

They had all the brands like the ones in UK; Matthew Williamson, Alice + Olivia, Elie Tahari, Paul & Joe, Oscar de la Renta, Issa, Moschino Cheap and Chic (which obviously isn’t cheap, the name is so insulting mocking us like that pftt…that’s why I refuse to buy anything from there)

Everything was in the millions….7,000,000 rupiah and all that….Totally put me off buying things!

You see, I was always good at maths in school. But the skill never applies when I go shopping. I lose control of the numbers and when I see the price tag, all I see is “Buy me, Buy me, Buy me. I’m gorgeous and I will make you happy for the rest of your life.”

So thank god I had my CFO with me! She kept me in control and did all the conversion rates for me. Hee.

I am so impressed with Jakarta. The way they really put customer service in priority and how creative they are in design and entertainment. For example, we had dinner next to this dancing fountain. It was gorgeous! The clever use of colour and movement of water made it so captivating to watch.






I guess it was somewhat romantic too, because this loved-up couple decided to block my view with their nauseating hugs and kisses. I never realised how nauseating couples were. Haha.


Even their food service is fantastic. I love the presentation of food here. Every minor detail is taken into account, even what they put the food on. There were little charcoals at the bottom so the food is always hot. And mind you, this wasn’t even an expensive restaurant!




Even the food court is so nicely designed, very different from other food courts I’ve seen. It looks so high-end!

The best (or slightly weird) part is the toilet at the place we stayed at.



The shower overlooked the view of Jakarta which is great if you fancy enjoying the view while scrubbing yourself.

But that also means that others can see you showering especially at night when everything is lit. So if you’re happy with this barter system where both you and the public can see each other, then ermm great for you!

Of course you can draw the blinds down, but imagine if it happens to be spoiled or the puller does not work?

I, for one, like to shower in peace and in private, thank you very much. Because trust me, only in movies will you find people showering very sexy.

Even the toilet bowls were so cool, albeit a little bit too sophisticated for me.



The toilet seat was heated, which I guess is pretty cool.

Power, timer, auto, seat, deodorizer, water pressure….What on earth are those options for?!

Why would you need a timer to do your business?!

I’m a very simple girl; the only option I need is “flush”, which surprisingly isn’t even on the menu.

I was washing my face, when suddenly I heard “Bzzzzzzzzzz….” behind me.

I got a bit scared because I thought I was alone in the bathroom.

I turned around, and saw the toilet seat opening slowly by itself.


I was so scared, I let out a little squeak and jumped a little!!

I’ve heard all sorts of ghost stories, but never one that wanted to pee with you in the bathroom!

I went near and found out there was a sensor.

It “sensed” that I was near, so it obediently opened itself to allow me to do my business. The toilet bowl was so sweet, but it scared the hell out of me.

I really don’t need to hear “Bzzzzzzz…” coming from the toilet when I’m sleeping in bed in the middle of the night in the dark, alone.