LDR Day 1

October 1, 2009

I am officially in a long distance relationship (LDR).

All my UK circle of friends have gone back to Kampung London to either continue their studies or get paid a ridiculous amount of money in pounds just for photocopying and making coffee. Some even to “look for jobs”, suspiciously around the Harrods area. Sigh…I would’ve been in the latter category.

The last of the pack has left; none other than Dean himself.

Leading up to this day, I could get emotional about anythingggg… people asking me about Dean, seeing pictures of couples on Facebook, sad ads on TV, blind man crossing the street, not being able to decide what to wear to work, seeing people on motorbikes when it’s pouring rain outside, biscuit crumbs on the floor….ANYTHING!

Everyone was concerned, either sending me words of encouragement or teasing me. It rained heavily and I got messages from friends to stop crying. They even thought the earthquake yesterday was the result of me throwing things around in my room. Haha.

My colleague even introduced me to this one song about LDR (I swear, we are usually very hard-working in the office). The guy leaving the girl bla bla and it’s done in such a cute way, that you just won’t feel sad listening to it. It’s in Malay though, so the only part you matsalehs will understand is “Please please please” in the chorus.

Jangan Nakal – Alif Satar

It’s cheesy, but even Dean likes the song!

Toots‘ best-friend radar was beeping like crazy, so came over in her sleepwear.

Armed with a care kit for me.




You’re probably thinking “OMG what a sweet and kind friend.”

Well, don’t.

Because she totally ignored me the whole night, busy watching some Malay drama with my mom instead. Both of them curled up in bed, while I was in the corner flooding myself. I would go, “Eh come on la Toots, let’s go!” and she would shoosh me and asked my mom, “So how did the husband get HIV again?” referring to some fictional character that had nothing to do with her life!

Then she started to feel bad and said things that, according to her, would make me feel better.

Like “The greatest journey is the distance between two people.”

What a load of crap.

Then she said, “It’s just gonna get harder from now on.”

I corrected her, “You mean, better.”

She re-corrected me, “No, I mean it’ll be worse after this.”


She was trying so hard, but she was saying all the wrong things! If I didn’t know her any better, she’d be sleeping outside near the longkang that night.

She got tired of saying useless things, so after 2 minutes….


She did wake up once though, just to ask me, “Can you stop shaking the bed, please?”


Anyway, Dean has arrived safely in London.

So today is officially LDR Day 1.

It’s really not that bad, actually. 🙂

We were all being drama queens.

I came to the office and everyone was being soooo nice. Giving me food, putting on happy fast songs (as opposed to sappy Malay songs), asking me if I’m OK, hugging me.

I know I’m fine, but this is really fun and I could really get used to this royal treatment, so I don’t think I’ll stop them. Hehe.

Some of you have asked me about my progress with Dean and telling me nice things and sending me all sorts of flowery confusing love quotes that no one believes! You guys really are awesome. I feel like such a baby HAHA.

But don’t worry, we will be just fine. 🙂