LDR Day 24

October 24, 2009

I realised I haven’t been talking about Dean much lately.

Not because he’s out of the picture. He still is very much in! Hehe.

But maybe it’s because I feel a little down whenever I realise he’s a million miles away from me.

I mean, this guy is my best friend! My driver, my shopping buddy, my stylist, my entertainment, my cameraman, my food-tasting partner. He’s so sweet, he would actually come and accompany me for dinner at home when he knows I’m fasting the whole day or whenever I have no one to eat with, even when he’s already eaten.

I’m quite strong in the sense that I stay positive all the time. It really helps that Dean and I are always there for each other as much as possible, and we try to take LDR as a challenge that doesn’t bother us. But I’m still human, not having my best friend around would obviously leave a big void as much as I hate to admit that and accept defeat.

I work, so I’m always busy in the office and I come home just in time for dinner with family, a Malay drama session with Opah (OK, you guys have to watch this series called NurKasih…Haha…this is all Opah’s doing!),  a quick read and a deep sleep. So, the Dean void isn’t really felt.

But then weekend comes when it really kicks in. When he’s around, weekends are a breeze. We explore the city, we try new restaurants, we spend time with each other’s families, until I don’t even realise Monday has come. But now, he’s not here and he conveniently took most of our friends with him to London, so my weekends are pretty bare. Of course, my sister and a couple of my best friends are here, but even they have lives of their own!

So, it’s during these 2 days of the week that I miss Dean a lot more than usual and I start thinking of all the fun weekends we’ve had.


But I guess it’s part and parcel of any relationship. There will always be ups and downs; some days you’re good, some days you’re not. The only thing to do is to stay positive and not entertain your emotions so much.

In conclusion, LDR is not too bad if you have a busy active lifestyle and a longgg list of friends. If you don’t, you’ll end up staring at the clock counting the hours to his flight home (I haven’t gone to that point, don’t worry! Haha)