little artist

October 9, 2009

Little Nephew is at the stage where he likes to conteng stuff (doodle on things).

He draws a line or two with his whole fist wrapped around the pencil he stole from some drawer.

When he’s done with his masterpiece, he drags me to his workplace (some loose papers on the floor) and say “Maksu, maksu! Look, Aman drew dinosaur.”

“Erm yeah….dinosaur,” I scratch my head. I guess if you really squint your eyes, it can look like a dinosaur….with more lines and stuff. Well, who am I to judge? I can’t even draw a semut to save my life. I’m the biggest liability in Pictionary games.

“Now draw a lion!” I play along with him.

Little Nephew draws some horizontal lines. “There, lion!”

Hey, not bad! It actually looked like a lion…if you turn the paper upside down and imagine a furry head in there. And again, squint your eyes a bit. OK, I really need to rest my eyes. Haven’t had enough sleep!

Anyway, Little Nephew is Leonardo da Vinci-in-training. A genius work in progress!

Just like how artists experiment with all sorts of surfaces (canvas, paper, and whatnot), Little Nephew too has been making his mark on all sorts of surfaces! My mom’s wallpapers, bedsheets, expensive furniture, tabletops. Sometimes, he just grips a marker, stands at one end of the wall and drags the marker all the way to the other end. And claps for himself in glee afterwards.



The expensive table, Opah’s bed…..and these pictures aren’t even the worst ones!

Hehe. My mom was so upset! She scolded him and lectured him about how naughty he was and kept going “Oh my god!! Habis la, habis la!!!

Little Nephew just looked up at her with a confused look, probably thinking ‘What, you don’t like my masterpiece?!!’

My mom still continued, “Habis la macam ni! Habis la!! Aman ni kan!!” while shaking her head in disbelief.

Kids really do the darnest things.

Because after observing my mom for a while, Little Nephew circled the table and went “Habis la, habis la!!”, with the whole shaking head as well.

We all burst out laughing at his innocence. (except my mom)

I went to Little Nephew. “Who did all this?!” pointing to the scribbles on my mom’s table.

“Ini Aman yang buat! Aman ni!!!! Ish!!” he says in anger, still shaking his head in disbelief.

It was hilarious!!

He was so honest!! I really need to teach him a thing or two.

My mom tried to keep a straight face.

“Aman, go say sorry to Opah. Tell her you didn’t mean it.”

“Sorry, Opah. Diminit.” He runs to her lap to say sorry.

My mom melted to the ground, and kissed him all over, obviously recovered from Little Nephew’s vandalism.

Kids can really get away with murder, can’t they?

Even I couldn’t get mad.

But that’s because he wrote my name on the table. (well almost….but I know what he meantย hehe)


Utter genius. Genius boy. Gonna grow up to become a genius. Total genius!