make-up brushes

October 3, 2009

In the midst of our busy-ness (is that a word?), working hard during the day or pulling all-nighters studying for exams, we women tend to forget one crucial thing.

We use this thing everyday, and I would say it’s pretty important. But we often overlook its significance until one day we can’t find it anywhere, even after looking behind the toilet bowl, under the bed, on top of cabinets, in the fridge (err…funny story..)

Our make-up brushes.


My future Dr. Sara Teh (a fellow duck) cannot sleep at night without telling me about the fatal dangers of the evil power that is our make-up. She calls it the “best breeding ground for bacteria“.

I guess it makes sense, because we use it everyday, over and over again, touching it countless times, transferring the bacteria on our fingers and faces onto the make-up palette and vice versa.

But let’s face it. Most of us have become too vain, to the point of no return. Make up has even become a symbol of good grooming, a symbol of respect for good presentation, showing that we women don’t neglect our appearances.

This one lady told my sister and I once, “There are no ugly women. Only lazyyyy women!!'” wagging her index finger at us.

Forget leaving the house without even a touch of mascara, a hint of lip gloss or maybe even a lorry-load of foundation. My Chinese side has presented me with the inevitable curse that is sepet eyes. So, on days that I can’t find my mascara, you will spend hours trying to drag me out of the house.

Since most of us can’t live without make-up, we have to find ways to minimise the damage to our skin.

The usual; wash our hands and faces thoroughly before applying make up, never forget to close the make up tubes, palettes, tubs after using them, try to clean the casings once in a while, try not to mix and match liquids because we don’t know how the different chemicals might react.

And one important one is to clean our make up brushes.

I only use brushes for eyebrow-shaping and bronzer; I prefer using my fingers for the rest. So it’s a pretty easy job cleaning only two brushes. Even so, I always forget to do so or I just can’t be bothered. Until I start seeing little annoying bumps on areas I apply bronzer onto, then I start to panic and lovingly clean my brushes.

I guess it’s pretty disgusting to reuse brushes over and over again, leaving them exposed to dust, and using them again the next day.

So, now I make it a practice to clean them often. Just with a little soap and water, squeeze excess water and hang them to dry. I try to ignore my paranoia of wanting it to wash them everyday, because doing so might spoil the hair on the brushes. And I’m sure you all know that even one brush is pretty expensive.

After a while, the little bumps disappeared.

And now my brushes are feeling so loved and cared for.

It’s a win-win situation.