what are you wearing?

October 17, 2009

The best thing about having your best friends live close by is that both of you always have each other to go anywhere. All you have to do is call and ask nicely (and make them cancel some prior plans) and be in front of their house in a few minutes.

I had to run some errands the other night and I hate driving alone at night. Coincidentally Toots was saying that she hasn’t been out for sooooo longgggg and she was sick of the daily routine of bed-work-bed.

So, I decided to make her night, and we wild girls went out for non-alcoholic beverages.

I was already in my unattractive kaftan, ready for bed. So, I threw on the first things I found in my closet (Charlotte Ronson tank top, and a Zara cardigan). Sleepy, I was ready to go. Oh wait, I probably need some pants. I found some Topshop leggings somewhere. OK, now I’m ready. Oh god, my hair. I put on a black headband to lock it down. Looked terrible. Hair still everywhere. Nevermind, it’s just Toots.

I drove to Toots’ house, expecting an equally sloppily-dressed girl.

Suddenly, she came out, as if ready for a first date with someone. She wore a black lace dress, with an elegant clutch and diamond pendant, smiling happily, hair in place. She looked so good! Cue the wind to blow her hair.

We both gasped when we saw each other.

Me: OMG, you make me look like I’m homeless.

Toots: OMG, you make me look like a prostitute.

Me: Why are you dressed like that? We’re only going to develop some pictures at the photo shop!

Toots: Why are you dressed like that? There will be other people at the mall.

None of us could be bothered to change, so off we went, hoping we wouldn’t bump into anyone we know.

But we looked so odd, one dressed to the nines and the other dressed to the negatives.


This is her, ready for the red carpet:


And this is me, ready for whatever carpet they put backstage….if any:


This is why friends call each other before meeting up and ask “What are you wearing?”