mom’s roast beef

October 19, 2009

Mom makes the best roast beef, and all of us would cancel lunch plans when we see the big chunk of raw beef being thawed on the kitchen table in the morning.

Suddenly, my sister and I would leave everything in the office and come home with fork and knife, brother-in-law would cut short important meetings and drive home all the way from town, and when the three of us arrive home pushing each other, we’d be greeted by Dean’s shoes outside the front door meaning he’d already beaten us to the beef. Ohh, the joys of being an unemployed student.


Ok…first you, ummm…thaw the beef I guess….then…errr I think fry it to coat the beef to make the outside bit slightly crunchy. This is quite dangerous because the beef is very heavy and you’re playing with hot oil, so be careful not to splash when you try to turn the beef around to fry each surface.

Then fry a lot of onions.

Oh crap, you’re supposed to marinate the beef with a lot of salt and pepper after thawing it.

Throw the beef and the onions in a pot thingy and add some water. Pop it in the oven for err, half hour? No wait…an hour? Two hours? OK, I don’t know…I wasn’t there.

Wait, I also think you cover it with aluminuim foil. I dunno…I saw aluminium foil on the table, I’m sure they used it for something.

Then, it’ll come out looking like the picture above.

Then take the beef out, wrap it in aluminium foil (ohhh that was what it was for…) and bake it a little longer….I think my mom did that, I don’t know…was too busy fighting plates with my sister.

Then the remainings of the pot (onions, onion juice, beef juice, salt and pepper) will make up the gravy.


Blend the onions (not too much if you like the gravy lumpy). And put them all together to make the gravy. Add beef stock (I secretly put chicken stock because it tastes nicer…I just don’t tell my friends when I make it for them because it sounds weird that you mix chicken and beef together) for more flavour and corn flour if you want the gravy thicker. Add salt and pepper if necessary.

Oh…it won’t be complete without mashed potatoes.

Boil potatoes, mash them (I like it with a bit of the skin), add milk (full fat yummmm) and butter. Or cream (double cream, of course :D). Add salt and pepper if necessary.

Toast some bread.

Oh, and get a big strong handsome man to carve the beef.


This man not sold in stores.

There. Done.

Hours of labour put into a short blog post. I’m not doing justice to my mom here. But we did do justice to her when we licked our plates clean and said, “More, please?”




Ready. Set. BURP.