movie frenzy

October 21, 2009

I was on a movie frenzy.

1. UP


My sister and I went to have my first 3D experience after a long long time. The effects were really cool, but after a while my eyes started to hurt. So I took the 3D glasses off. But then the screen was super blurry, so the 3D glasses came back on. Repeat process throughout the cartoon.

Basically, it’s about an old man and his wife who wants to live on some famous cliff somewhere on the other side of the world. The wife dies, so the old man continues his pursuit to live on the cliff. He, along with some helium balloons and a young boy’s scout desperate to get a “Helping the Elders” badge carried his house (equipped with the furniture and photoframes) all the way to the other side of the world. A floating house. Erm yeah.

So, they met a bird. They also met talking dogs who live in a little land with some famous explorer who turns out to be evil and spends his whole life trying to capture this bird. Somehow, thinking he’ll be famous because of this bird.

Bla bla bla bla bla bla.

Yeah, I don’t get it either.

But it was really cute because you could see the reality of how stubborn old people can be, how naive young people can be and how these 2 species meet in the middle. And there were funny bits. If you don’t think the floating house is joke enough.




A must watch.

Predictable, as all romantic comedies are.

But my god it’s sooooo funny. Two words; vibrating underwear. The whole cinema was roaring with laughter.


papadom poster

Out of the 3 movies, this has got to be my favourite.

A Malay movie by Afdlin Shauki that makes me proud to be Malaysian. All his movies are awesome, so I wasn’t surprised that I was enjoying this movie so much.

It’s about a dad who has letting-go issues, and won’t leave his daughter alone (AHEMMMMM!!! Hi Dad!). Follows her everywhere and does everything he can to keep her from sadness and hardship.

It’s done in such a funny way, and at the same time, the most nostalgic way too.

I laughed so hard and cried so hard in 2 hours.

My sister and I were passing the tissue packet back and forth because we were both sobbing like mad. Like proper hiccuping kind of crying. Under normal circumstances, I would be quite embarrassed, but as I scanned the cinema, everyone was crying. The guy next to me was wiping his tears with his sleeve, so I felt quite at home with eyes red and all.

The ending is just classic.


What’s remaining of my tissue. You can see my mascara bits haha