my new safari

October 21, 2009

I went to develop some pictures, and came out of the store with a new camera and an oh-no-what-did-I-do face.

I’ve been eye-ing an SLR camera for a while now, but never got round to it because I know how impractical big cameras are, no matter how nice the pictures are. Toots spent so much buying the best Canon SLR, and ended up begging people to buy it off her. She left it at my house for a few weeks, and didn’t even miss it.

But I need a camera.

I go everywhere with my camera, especially that now I’m a blogger. To capture the nice moments with family, the friends I haven’t seen in a while, memorable events in my life, beautiful sceneries, and when people aren’t looking, cam-whoring with my friends.

My dad has learnt how to take pictures DIY style; you know, the one where you stick out your arm as far as you can, and position the camera to face you and click. See, cool people don’t do this anymore. Hehe. But he just discovered this technique and thinks it’s so efficient and amazing.

You can imagine my horror when he started taking pictures of himself and a big “LSE” signboard at my graduation. I saw him and my mom posing, and his arm slowly moving forward holding the camera, their smiles creeping slowly ready to press the Capture button. I did what any normal kid would do. Turn and pretend you don’t know them. And they did what any normal parents would do. Call out your name and give everyone that she’s-my-daughter look.

Anyway, back to my point. Basically, cameras are very important to everyone, young or old.

That’s why I like to have nice cameras. But I, of course, think twice or thrice about it. Unlike my dad, who buys a new camera everytime his memory card is full. He thinks the camera is spoiled when it says “Memory card full. Delete some pictures.”

I have a Leica C-Lux 3. A gorgeous, white one…which is so hard to find. But I’ve used to its full capacity, scratched most of the surfaces, and I think I spoiled it a bit.


So when I saw the new Limited Edition Safari Leica D-Lux 4, my heart skipped a beat. A small compact SLR. I knew I wanted it. All the lady had to say was “limited edition” and my credit card found its way to her hands.

Leica D-LUX 4 Safari

I went to buy it from our family camera seller, so I got a really good deal for it. Can you believe it…other families have family doctors, my family has family camera seller.

I traded in my C-Lux 3, so she gave me a really good price for the Safari. And some other freebies. My bargaining skills are fantastic, and plus, when she didn’t want to lower the price, all I had to say was “I bring my mom tomorrow la.” All salespeople are scared of my mother. She can make you say “You can have it for 50” when the price is 100. Her face changed. “Your mom ah?!! Please la, don’t la! Take it, take it, I give you free memory card!” HAHAHA.

This is my first major purchase as an adult. I looked at my dad’s credit card, shining nicely as usual. But I stopped myself. I wanted to be responsible for it, I wanted to be proud to own it.

So, I used my own salary and structured the payment in such a way that is less painful to the eyes when the bank statement comes. Installments. My first financial commitment. And I bargained my way to 0% interest. Heeee.

I’m so happy with my new Safari. Now, I guess I have no choice but to go on some African safaris and take pictures of lions.