one top too many

October 11, 2009


The last boxes arrived, concluding my years in London. I felt nostalgic, but at the same time happy because I really missed my clothes!!

The feeling of excitement opening the boxes quickly faded and it turned into one massive headache.

Because of this….


Unpacking is horrible!! It’s so much work. Not only am I lacking space for this mountain of tops, but I was also lacking the energy. Let’s not even go to the fact that there is a cloud of guilt and buyer’s remorse over my head.

And those were only the tops! I haven’t even looked at my dresses and bottoms.

I. Have. Too. Many. Tops!!

How on earth did this happen?!!!

Why do I need so many colours of Polo shirts?


Even my dad, who wanted to come into my room, said “Wow”, changed his mind and made a U-turn out of my room, shaking his head.

I wanted to cry because I just didn’t know how to start sorting out my clothes! I like to be very organised, having colour-coded wardrobe, and separating sleveless tops, short-sleeved tops, long-sleeved tops, polo tees, work shirts, normal shirts, normal blouses, silk blouses, dinner blouses. And within these categories, they all have to be arranged according to colours.

I just couldn’t do it myself.

I called for back-up.


My trusted maid. I love her.

She came in and worked like Superman, sorting out my clothes. I helplessly watched and just answered “Yes” or “No” when she asked whether I wanted to keep the top or not. She scolded me everytime I said “Yes” and continued lecturing me about how I have too many tops and how she is tired of doing laundry. She decided which tops are to be hung, and which can just be folded (mouth still yapping away at me). She organised them into piles, and I could slowly see my bed again.

After a while, we started to play dress up and laughed at some funny clothes I have.



My maid held this up and asked me what this towel was doing in my tops boxes.

“It’s a wrap skirt! Not a towel!”

“A skirt?!! This big?!! What did you eat in London?!!!”

I laughed, “No, you have to wrap it around like this….” and demonstrated.

“Hmpphhh menyusahkan je. You couldn’t find a normal skirt?”

This woman sure comments a lot. “Ish, it was the fashion back then,” and then I realised the tag was still there, indicating it was an impulse buy which I forgot about and never wore. *slaps cheek*

“Fashion. Hmmpphh you people don’t know anything about fashion!”

I raised my eyebrows at her fashion ensemble. Oversized navy shirt and black pants. Sexy.

“Don’t look at me now la! I have to gut fish and scrub toilet bowls for all of you. Of course I wouldn’t be wearing my best dress!”

I just laughed, feeling slightly bad. Hehe.

Anyway, we folded and organised but still couldn’t finish before dinner. By the end of dinner, we were too tired to look at any more tops.

Since my bed was unavailable, I had to sleep cuddling Opah. Opah with her snores and all.

Today, I woke up and got dressed.

“Kak Ana!! I have nothing to wear!!” scratching my head on what to wear today.

She gave me a death stare. Hehe.