opah at the mamak stall

October 14, 2009

Everytime before I go out and everytime when I enter the house, the first person I have to kiss is Opah.

I went to work the other day, rushing like mad (woke up late heee) and I forgot to kiss her goodbye. In the car, I felt as though I forgot something, as though something was not right. OMG, OPAH! I made the driver turn back and I ran to her, who was sitting outside at the front porch in her wheelchair (as she does every morning to send me off to work), looking so taken aback that I forgot about her!

The other night, I was feeling peckish so I went down to the kitchen to raid the fridge in the middle of the night. I peeked into Opah’s room which is right next to the kitchen. She was sleeping peacefully, hugging something.

Weird. What was that thing?

I went near her, careful as to not wake her up.

I saw it and it broke my heart.

She was hugging my pyjamas that I wore to sleep the night before. She told the maid not to wash it, because she wanted my scent. No one in the right mind would want my scent! Hahaha. But she did. Nothing like a grandmother’s love. Ugly or not, smelly or not, naughty or not, their love knows no boundaries.

Oh god I felt so bad. She must miss me.

I realised I haven’t been spending much time with her since I’ve started working.

But that shouldn’t be an excuse.

So, the next day, I woke up super early to take her out for breakfast before I went to work at 9 am.

Off to the mamak stall for her favourite tosai and my favourite roti canai.




We were having fun eating when suddenly, one of my relatives called her.

Wahhhh, suddenly she looks like a taiko, with her head thingy pushed up to one side.

She totally ignored me after a while, more interested with the phone call. She probably wouldn’t even notice if I got up and left her! Haha.

I guess old people are like that, they don’t show you they love you too much. They hide their feelings most of the time. But they’re very sensitive people, so you should show them love regardless.

Never say you don’t have time. Because you can always find time for important things like these.