pot’s 22nd birthday

October 4, 2009


We decided to have an intimate Duck dinner; a rare occasion given our logistics.


Missing in picture: Sofia, Tasha and Amy. We miss you!



Cupcakes courtesy of Bisou. Pretty and yummy, Pot embarrassingly attacked them.


As usual, we talked and talked until we were the last ones to leave the restaurant.

Pot had a nice surprise when a random little boy came running to her and hugged her straight away. Boot and I were so shocked….“Er, is there something you’re not telling us, Pot?”


The baby was one of the cutest babies we had ever seen and we were all gaga over him.

He left us and the two suckers went like this.


Then he came back.


And left.


And came back and brought his crew.


Hugh Hefner Jr, anyone?

We had dinner at Kuriya Japanese restaurant in BSC. The food was really yummy but the service was really top-notch. The staff were so attentive and friendly, they wished Pot Happy Birthday everytime they put a plate down or something. Hilarious.

There was even a little intercom thing, that had buttons to press if you wanted ‘Water’ or ‘Bill’ or just simply to ‘Call’ them. We did that several times just because we were excited over the little gadget. I wouldn’t suggest you do that. They weren’t too amused.

Anyway, we adjourned the birthday celebration to a sleepover. Again, no throwing pillows in our underwear (that only happens in movies, boys). We just talked and talked, I was surprised we had anything left to say the next morning. But we did. Hehe. Women really do talk too much, don’t we?

The best thing about having a doctor as a friend is that you get free consultation any time of the day.

I remember I had a lump in my neck and Pot made me send pictures of my neck from every angle, asked me a page of questions about its location (exact location OK….apparently “on the right side” wasn’t an answer), whether or not the lump moves, whether or not it hurt, whether or not it was attached to the skin or to the internal whatever (like how on earth would I know that?!). After I’ve completed my report (!), she emailed me back with an essay of medical jargons, which basically means I had nothing to worry about. And she was right. (I didn’t trust her, so I went to the doctor).

So, this time, she checked out my corn. Which is still there by the way!! The Scholl liquid and the numerous plasters did not work :'(


She explained some stuff, but I wasn’t listening.

Basically she said don’t stress about it, just go to the doctor to get it checked.

Boot fell asleep first, somewhere in the middle of Pot’s medical lectures. I was pretending to listen, when really I was making a list of what to do tomorrow in my head.

Pot and I stayed up talking and talking (some more!!) until we realised it was 4am.

Boot was already asleep on one side of the bed (clever!), and I didn’t have the heart to let the birthday girl sleep on the floor.



Poor me was freezing on the floor while the other two ducks got a nice thick duvet to keep them warm.

I even had to do this for extra insulation. I was wearing a kaftan, but it was too cold until I had to wear sleeping pants underneath and tuck them into my socks.


Here I am, writing to you.


Happy birthday, Pot! I wouldn’t freeze for just anyone.