rest day for a restless girl

October 27, 2009

10 years ago, I’d be begging doctors for MC to get out of school. Even tried bribing one with the last Cadbury chocolate I had in my backpack.

But now, I’m hating MCs.

I was given one by the doctor and was told to just stay at home and rest (he wasn’t too amused that I went for highlights and facials last weekend…) until I get better. I knew I’d be so bored at home; I needed to get active, I hated being unproductive and have nothing to do. I get depressed when my Things To Do list is empty. OK, freak alert, I know.

I would’ve put the MC in my drawer and went to work today. But Mom wouldn’t let me. I’m in my third decade in this world, and I am still scared of the big force that is Mom.

Went back to my room, put on my nightie and I was ready to rest.

I tidied my room a bit, and made my bed.

OK, now I was ready to rest.

What do people do when they rest?

“Just lie down and sleep!” Mom said.

Umm…helloooo…I just had 11 hours of sleep last night. I just woke up! How to go back to sleep? And plus, I just made the bed!

I wanted to organise my shoe closet. I remembered seeing shoes from 5 years ago that need to go, pronto. But that would mean leaving my room, and having to pass the Mom toll. Mission aborted.


I climbed into the bed that I just made neatly.

OK , rest, here I come.

I lied down like this…


and like this…


In the end, I was just like this…


I stared at the ceiling. Hey…cracks on the ceiling…that’s not good is it?

I stared at the wall next to the bed. Oh no, torn wallpaper…I’ve been in this house for way too long!

I stared at my laptop. Dean was sleeping peacefully since it’s early morning in London.

Ugh this is boring.

Ishhh cannot la like this!! Can die of boredom.

OOoooh!! Bookshelf!

I can read! In bed! That counts as resting, surely.

I took a Marian Keyes book called Watermelon and continued reading where I last marked it. I remember I bought it because I like watermelons.

So far it has nothing to do with watermelon! She only mentioned it once. I might as well write a book about a sappy and romantic love story and call it “Mangoes”….or “Apples”….or “Durian” to appeal to the Malaysian market.

Anyway…3 hours passed and I found myself mouth wide open, one hand up next to my ear, holding a tissue and the other hand holding my Watermelon book on my stomach.

Oooh I fell asleep. Wow, I guess 11 hours wasn’t enough.

I wiped my drool, and went down to have some lunch; bland porridge. Went back up to rest some more, abiding by Mom’s instructions.

Little Nephew came back from his pre-school and he even napped with me. I offered to take care of him and put him down for his afternoon nap, but as soon as my body was flat on the mattress…ZzZzZZZZZ….


In the end, he took care of me! Hehe.

We both woke up after a while. Mainly because Little Nephew kept bugging me to look at his toycar.

LN: Look, Maksu! Wake up, Maksu…Look at my car! *shouting an inch away from my ear in case I didn’t hear*

Me: Yes yes, it’s very nice.

LN: No, open your eyes la Maksu!! Open your eyes, open your eyes, BUKA MATA!!!

Me: *squints eyes* I see your car. Nice.

LN: No, look properly Maksu.

Me: *puts eyes right in front of the car*

LN: Isn’t it nice?????

Me: Yes, that’s what I said.

OK, now I was really really tired of sleeping…I even messaged my manager to pass me some work. “Please, get the driver to send me some work. I am so bored at home. I could do whatever you want from home and get it back to you asap.” She replied, “Go rest.”

Rest! What’s with resting? How much can you rest?! I need to see the outside world. I’m a restless person, get me out of here!

I went back to bed grugdingly and checked my emails; personal and work. Sorted out my correspondence. 5 minutes had passed and I’m done with emails. I would love to surf online sites, but I’m on that shopping diet again.

So I put my laptop aside and rested my head.

I found myself sleeping for a couple more hours.

Hey….that’s the Eiffel tower….and the Great Wall of China….oooh I’m flying….

I woke up feeling so refreshed and surprisingly a lot better.


If there’s anything I’ve learned today, it would be to listen to your body from time to time.

Even when you think you’ve had enough rest, sometimes the body doesn’t agree especially when you’re unwell. And sometimes, your brain tells you you’re fine, but you’ve got to let your body do the talking. My body told me I needed to rest today, but my brain kept coming up with things to do. In the end, even Brain surrendered when I introduced it to a very comfortable pillow.