soldiers down

October 22, 2009

Little Nephew got sick. Soon after, Little Niece sneezed everywhere. Sister got sick. Passed the virus to Mom, who gave it to Dad in his sleep. It was like a flu marathon race and they were all passing on the baton to their teammates.

I was the only heroine who didn’t catch the bug.

But God doesn’t like people who boast.

I said, “Hahaha…I’m the only one in the family who’s tough,” nose in the air and all.

A few hours later, there were tissue covered with snot everywhere in my dustbin. I spent the whole night blowing my nose until it’s red. I might as well audition to be Santa’s reindeer.

I woke up today with a tissue lodged inside my nose, feeling tired and extremely defeated.

My throat is sore and it hurts to swallow even my saliva.

I’m living on hot water and rice porridge at the moment.


We all are.

Soldiers down and all system down at the moment.


I suggest none of you come near us. We’re dangerous. Hehe.

The one left standing, the only heroine here is….Opah, my 88-year old grandma.

Happy, healthy and 100% snot-free.