October 9, 2009

At work, I am so lucky to have my own room.


I have my own privacy, can decorate it however I want, can talk on the phone however long I want, can be on Facebook as many times as I want. Hehe.

But please…that’s all er…during lunch hour.

My CFO, the person whose wings I’m under, is in another room, on a different floor.

So it’s really annoying having to walk up and down to see her and ask her questions or learn things from her. She gives me an assignment or a file to read, and most of the time, I have a hundred and one questions to ask her on things I don’t understand.

Especially when she asks me to read cashflows. Like whaaaattt on earth are all these numbers?? Sometimes she asks me to read legal documents, stuff she expects me to read like a pro given my legal background. But believe it or not, I can finish one Sophie Kinsella book before even turning to page 3 of the legal document.

So I prefer to sit with her in her room, and do my work there because I get things done faster that way and I understand so much better. She likes to explain using graphs and flow charts and all sorts of visual aids, so until they invent a way to make paper come out of telephone intercoms, then I better sit in front of her. (Well, actually there’s the fax machine……but so mafan la!)

Anyway, I made a joke that she should put a table in her room so I can sit there permanently.

A few days later…..


I thought it was a bouquet of flowers or something nice like that, but it was actually a present from my lovely CFO.

A table with my name on it, to be put right in front of her desk.

Why, oh why, do I make jokes?!! I should be banned from talking.


This is my new working area.


That is the view from my CFO’s desk. That is her head. That is me doing work because she’s looking at me. But who knows what’s on my computer screen? Haha. I’m kidding. I’m actually very hardworking. *flips hair*

This is me when she’s around:


This is me when she’s not around:


This is me when she has her period:


I’m joking, of course.

She and I actually get along really well. She teaches me workstuff (ever so patiently, may I add) and I teach her to wear nicer, brighter clothes to work. Good teamwork.

She’s super serious when it comes to work, but she’s super laidback when it comes to freetime.

A wife, a daughter, a mother of five, she’s so on top of things in the office supervising 10 different projects at once, and when she gets home late at night tired, she cooks, she sweeps the floor, she does laundry, she irons, she does homework with her kids, she puts them to bed. And gets to the office early the next morning.

She’s Superwoman. She should be an example to all women out there.

She reads my blog, by the way.

Ooff…now just look at my butt-kissing skills!