the irony of children

October 12, 2009


Kids are super adorable, aren’t they?

That’s only because we get to play with them and see the good and cute side, then give them back to the parents to take home. The two people who have to deal with the bad and not-so-cute side; The difficult feeding time, the duty of changing smelly diapers 25 times a day, getting pee-d at sometimes, having your hair pulled out by naughty toddlers, and the most tiring of all, dealing with the tantrums.

Little Nephew was a very grumpy boy today, throwing tantrums here and there, scratching and hitting people, saying “No!” to everything. He was impossible to deal with today, and everyone was so tired of him. We tried for a while, but gave up almost immediately.

We all gave up, except his mother.

Today, I saw my sister in a different light. After almost 3 years of her popping out 2 kids, it never really hit me that she is a mother. (I mean, yeah, I knew she was one…I’m not dumb…but I don’t know why today was different)

She never gave up on her son, trying all sorts of way to calm him down.

The hard way, raising her voice and telling him off.

The soft way, telling him nicely to stop it.

Nothing seemed to work. In fact, Little Nephew started throwing tantrums at her, hitting his mom (not hardcore hitting, just a baby kind of hitting).

So, she did something else which worked like a charm.

She totally ignored him.

He threw things. She ignored him. He rolled on the floor, screaming. She ignored him. He took out everything from drawers. She ignored him. He went away and came back to check if she’s looking. She ignored him.

After a while, he came back to her and was “Mommy this, Mommy that…bla bla bla…look at me please.”

He obviously couldn’t stand the fact that she was ignoring him.

He didn’t want anyone else’s attention, but his mom.

He depended on her. His existence in life was impossible without her. Nine months of being fat, hours of trying to push a watermelon out of her, and endless years of her trying to raise her children and giving them the best that she can give.

And there he was, hitting the person who he owed his life to.

I felt quite sad. Someone was hitting my sister! How ungrateful! But of course, he was just a kid, who doesn’t know how to differentiate what’s right and what’s wrong. And even if we did tell, kids would be too stubborn to listen.

But my sister still didn’t give up. Even after all that, she took him in her arms, tickled him, kissed him, spoke to him softly and smiled at him lovingly.

It doesn’t make sense!

But I guess motherhood isn’t supposed to make sense, it’s something God has designed to be special. And only those who are mothers can understand.

Today’s fiasco made me appreciate my mother even more, knowing the possibility that 20 years ago, I was Little Nephew (girl version). I must’ve done things to hurt her, physically and mentally. I must’ve exhausted the life out of her. When the irony is that she gave me life.

But today’s fiasco also made me realise how &^%* scared I am to have my own kids in the future. I mean, they’re cute and all, but my goodness, they can turn into monsters in a blink of an eye!


It’s hilarious!

I laughed so hard, while my sister nodded knowingly.