base camp

November 2, 2009

I had a little time to myself yesterday, so I went to Chanel make-up counter and got a little tutorial from the nice saleswoman.

Thank God there wasn’t anyone there, so I had her all to myself. Getting a make-up consultation is best done alone; having your boyfriend there would be anti-climax with his grunts and yawns. And having your girlfriends there would be a buzz-killer because they would be interested and keep interrupting the lady while she talks to you. Make-up consultation should be a one to one session between you and the expert because every skin type is different and what suits you might not suit your friend.

I was frustrated that my make up always gets patchy at the end of the day and I wanted to know how to put on a base properly for everyday make-up. She said I didn’t know how to blend properly and I might have applied the foundation with my finger a little too hard, so it rubs off. And on top of that, I’m lazy to use powder to set it. *SULKS*. So she taught me the technique of putting on a base properly.

  1. Make up base liquid. So that it evens your skin tone. I didn’t see a difference so I didn’t bother. Just pretended to be really amazed when she put it on. “WOWWW,” I said, widening my pupils, when I really didn’t know what I was supposed to be wow-ing at.
  2. She put on the Pro Lumiere foundation on my face. Usually I use my fingers because the warmth from your fingers is supposed to help blend better (clearly my fingers’ heater is spoilt). But she used a foundation brush and I watched in awe. She made it look so easy, and it really blended better. She covered every inch with each soft stroke and my skin tone looked really even. And no dirty hands either! “It’s goat hair,” she said, promoting the brush to me. Ewww. It’s like rubbing my face on a goat.
  3. Next she put on Mat Lumiere Extreme compact powder. And I absolutely love this product!! I normally use the Chanel loose powder, but I realised the compact powder provided better coverage and it made skin porcelain-like. I don’t use compact powders because I think the sponge can be really dirty after many uses, but she assured me that you can wash the sponge clean everytime you use it.

There. Your everyday make-up base basics 101.

I was so happy I got a free lesson, but that also meant I left with many products! But these are essentials to any female, so I used that reasoning to calm myself down after seeing the total at the counter.

chanel make up

chanel make up2

On top of lots of products and samples, I also went home with some tips. Just to share with you:

  • If the skin around your eyes tend to get oily and leaves smudges of eyeliner, it’s best to avoid crayon eyeliner. Use waterproof eyeliner.
  • Double cleanse if you wear heavy make up.
  • Don’t use cleansing milk if your skin is oily.
  • The Mat Lumiere Extreme compact powder provides good coverage but it’s pretty heavy and can dry up skin. Not good if you already have dry skin.
  • Vita Lumiere foundation is their worst-selling foundation because it’s thick, doesn’t provide good coverage and it leaves skin feeling too sticky as far as foundation goes. Very bad for oily skin.
  • At problem areas (blemishes, acne, red spots), it’s best to just dab foundation on with a sponge or a brush lightly. Don’t rub.
  • Foundation oxidises after a while and turns slightly darker. So don’t use a foundation that is already too dark for your skin.

It was so much fun learning about make-up. I wish I could go for a course somewhere. Not to be a make-up artist, but just for personal knowledge. It would be quite cool to know how to put make up on yourself professionally.