blood red

November 12, 2009

In Jakarta, I did a double take when I passed by the Chanel store. Because of this.


Blood red Chanels. Apparently their new colour this season. And navy blue as well.

Very Malaysian, don’t you think? All they need is a yellow bag and we’ll have the Malaysian flag vomiting all over Chanel.

I knew my sister would just faint if she saw this because she’s been wanting a red bag ever since she was in my mom’s womb.

I BBM-ed her the photo and there was a long pause.

Me: Have your jaws come back up from the ground?

Sis: OMG OMG OMG…OMGGGGGG…Hold on, let me just wipe the pool of saliva on the floor.

Me: I know right?!!!

Sis: Have you called mom?

Me: Yeah. She said she doesn’t want.

Sis: WHATT!?!

Me: I know!!

Sis: Buy it, v! Buy it!! We’ve been waiting for this bag.

Me: With what? My tears?!! They already said they won’t accept both my arms in exchange for this red delight.

This is why you don’t max out your credit cards to the limit!! Because in emergencies like these, you can’t use them.

But it was about RM 14K if you convert the price in Rupiah. If you buy it in London, it would be a couple of thousands less than that, which is a significant amount of money. So, it’s really not smart to buy Chanel bags or any designer bags in Asia where they impose quite high luxury tax.

As bimbotic as I sound, I maturely walked away from the bag, bid farewell and realised that a girl cannot have everything. Not at my young age anyway. Not yet.

And I’m sleeping well at night, which shows I never really really wanted the bag in the first place. Sometimes, it’s just your impulse and the devil telling you to bankrupt yourself.