don’t sing, maksu

November 21, 2009

Taylor Swift ft Colbie Caillat – Breathe

This song is a sad break-up song, but I just love listening to it because it’s so soothing.

The collaboration between Taylor Swift and Colbie Caillat is just spot on, and I really hope they’ll do more projects together!

Man, I wish I could sing!

My sister is the singer in the family, and I’m just the one humming in the background.

My sister, Little Nephew and I were in the car a few days ago.

Sister and LN were singing.

Sister and LN: In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight. In the jungle…..

I decided to chirp in the chorus with my best high-pitch voice.

Me: AWWEEEEEEEEE aweeee amommmbaweee…

Both of them stopped singing.

Little Nephew looked at me.

LN: Umm Mashoo (Maksu), don’t sing, Mashoo. OK Mommy *he turns to his mom* now sing Mommy.

And the two of them continued singing and dancing in the car, while poor driver me drove them home, smoke coming out of my ears.