November 21, 2009

I had a surprise phone call today by one of our family friends. He has a bit of a fortune-telling gift and he made a research about me. Based on my birth date and my face, he came up with a few comments and called me to tell me about them.

Gulping, I held the phone to my ear to allow this man to tell me about myself.  It was like getting a testimonial, the good and bad all rolled into one short paragraph.

Here’s what he told me:

  • Career seems more prominent in my life, I will be a good businesswoman (*amin*)
  • I have good PR which can help my dad’s business
  • I can give speeches in the future, I can convince people to buy anything. (oh god, I’m Daddy Jr.)
  • I need more discipline
  • I am very open-minded, people can tell me things
  • I am generous and I would help people (But doesn’t mean I’ll give you money for nothing ok!)
  • I don’t like to be controlled. I like my freedom and to do things my way. My future husband and even my parents can’t control me (I sound like a monster, don’t I?)
  • I am more on the practical, but materialistic side. Not much on spiritual (WHATT?!! Me, materialistic?!! How dare he)
  • I attract the opposite sex without intending to, and this often gets me in trouble.. (Oh dear… not good for Dean!)
  • I will marry late. “BUT WHY!?!” I asked. Heheh. Because career seems to be my priority at the moment and I will not be satisfied if I settle down now, he answered.

There were some good things, but basically I am a career-minded monster who preys on men. Hehe.

From what he told me, I can easily deduce that I am my dad in the making. I sound exactly like him. Open-minded, career-minded, freedom-loving, liked by the opposite sex (ladies, stay away from my dad, thanks), can talk and make people listen to you.

Which is good, but as a woman, I need to tone down on the aggressiveness.


It’s a sin in Islam to believe in fortune-telling (it’s syirik) because you should only believe in Allah. People just tend to do it for fun, by palm-reading or even taking quizzes on Facebook. But no matter how strong you are, you will somehow be affected by what people tell you about yourself. That’s why, don’t ask in the first place!

But, on the other hand, everyone should check themselves once in a while. You should allow people to praise and criticize you. If you take it as a challenge to improve on yourself and develop certain skills, you’re only moving forward for the better.

Just don’t believe or take it too seriously, because not only is it a sin, but it will take over your life. After all, you don’t need people to tell you about you. You should know yourself better than anyone else, the weakness and the goodness.