Guest Blogger 3 Intro

November 28, 2009

My next Guest Blogger has it all; the looks, the height, the bod, the clothes, the family, the boyfriend.


But one thing that really leaves me screaming “Where can like this?!!!!” is that she has THE job.

A job that makes us all want to quit our jobs and get in line after her.

Well, if you’re a fashion lover anyway.

Asma’ Nasaruddin is a fashion writer for Her World magazine and her daily job consists of fashion and writing. Both the things I absolutely love.

She is one of my longest friends ever and we met at our after-school sekolah agama (Islamic school…because one school session a day isn’t enough for our parents) when we were 9 (I think?). Ironic that we forged a close friendship in a religious institution and we both turned out…well…not covering our heads when our other peers did. Hehe. Soon, soon, right, Asma’?

We’ve admittedly lost touch a bit after school, but we kept in touch via Fb msgs when I was in London. Now we’re both back in KL where we belong and just last month, we bumped into each other in a toilet. Nice, huh?

Fate has a funny way of bringing old friends together again.

Well, in her post, she shares with us what it’s really like behind the scenes of that magazine we read every month. You can’t really get this honest insight anywhere, so I’m really honoured that she excitedly accepted my offer to write here for all of our pleasures. Thanks a bunch, Asma’ darlinggg…

It’s a pretty long post and she’s asked me to edit it, but everything she writes is relevant and I don’t have the heart to strike things out! So just get a cup of tea (or popcorn), sit back, relax and just read on with awe and envy.

Stay tuned, everyone!