hermes bangle

November 29, 2009


There’s something extremely classy and sophisticated about this simple Hermes cuff. Apart from its painfully large price tag (about RM 2300), it is a symbol of maturity and elegance.

I already have a couple of these bangles (one from Dean’s parents when I graduated, and another from Dean himself). I love them so much, and I wear them so often until the buckle is stiff!

But the ones I have are in gold metal, which doesn’t match my everyday watch that has silver metal. So I thought it was time to get one in silver metal. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

I do feel a bit stupid carrying an “H” around when my name doesn’t even have an “H” in it. But whatever… I’ll keep these for my daughters and name them something with an “H”.

Like Siti Hermes.