November 17, 2009

I’ve been getting funny looks at home.

Everyone who passes me will shake their heads in sympathy. My maids, my mom, my sister, even Opah.

What, was there something on my face?

I checked my reflection on my laptop screen.

Still the same old me.

“Don’t have to strain your neck muscles. Just tell me what’s wrong!” I wailed, curious.

“That thing there,” they said pointing to my laptop. “You do nothing else but stare at it and making typing noises.”


I guess I have been pretty intimate with my laptop, I don’t go anywhere without it. Either blogging, or working out formulae on Excel sheets, or typing reports and letters on Word, or amending presentations on Powerpoint. I’m having early symptoms of a workaholic. The people at home are probably plotting to hide my laptop.

I haven’t had a lot of “me” time, and these eye bags are living proof.

So, I decided to put away my laptop and thought of things to do without it.

Oh, it was hard! I wanted to update myself on what my friends have been up to on Fb, but I needed my laptop for that. I wanted to go online shopping (window-shopping! hehe) but the word online meant I needed my laptop. I wanted to Skype with Dean, but again, laptop required. I realised I haven’t watched any TV series lately (Serena is still with Dan, right?), but everything is in my hard drive and again, laptop required.

Hmm…this is too quiet. I need some music. I realised for the very first time that I don’t own a radio. My god! I rely heavily on iTunes for music. Ahhhh iPod! Oh crap, battery died. I need to charge it…..and connect it to….my laptop. Damn.

Gosh…what did people do before they invented laptops?! They must’ve been bored out of their minds. No wonder they had so many children back then. What else was there to do?!

So, I took a nice long bath and just relaxed. But I got bored after a while, and besides, pruning fingers aren’t sexy. I kept checking on my laptop to see if it was still there. Good, they haven’t hid it yet.

I was longing to see if there was anything new in the virtual world, but I controlled myself.

I found the first book lying around, “Keep your mouth shut and Wear Beige” and curled up in bed to read.


I started reading the book…..

…..and finished it.

Man, it was boring. Well, not boring…just not suitable for my age group. It’s about some old lady whose son was about to get married. And some things happened along the way; something about some kid having lung problems and how she pierced his throat to save him, about her ex-husband’s new girlfriend who sews or something……I couldn’t remember why I bought it.

Oh well, at least now I’ve read it.

I tapped my fingers on my duvet.

OK, what now? The night is still young.

You guessed it.

Somehow, my laptop plonked itself onto my lap, and I’m here writing to you, grinning happily with that familiar feeling.