ivanka trump’s wedding

November 22, 2009

I didn’t even know Ivanka Trump had a boyfriend!! I’m so out of the loop with the latest Hollywood (or wherever she lives…New York??) goss, so I was shocked to see her wedding featured in magazines.


It looked very classy in the magazines. Dress: Vera Wang, Planner: Preston Bailey, Jewellery: Ivanka Trump’s jewellery collection, Honeymoon: Africa, Groom: son of millionaire property mogul. It was like a match made in heaven. Both gorgeous, smart, have good jobs and are heir and heiress in their own rights.

This girl really has a good head on her shoulders. 2 days after the wedding, she was already back in the office. I would give it a week or so…but her commitment is inspiring.

But let’s see the most important thing.

Ladies, say hello to 5 CARATS.



Doesn’t it just hurt your heart to see this?

Now, I’m a simple girl. I don’t need all this 5 carat business.

4.5 carat is enough for me.

I memo-ed this news to Dean. And without even blinking at the ring,

Dean: Why do girls want to be like everyone else? Everyone gets engagement rings, it’s so boring. I would give something more special…. Something that won’t expose you to danger of being mugged. Like an engagement…cup or something.


Another friend commented saying, “This guy knows what he’s talking about. I suggest engagement socks.”

Aren’t we a lucky bunch?