Kate Moss for Topshop Christmas Collection 2009

November 4, 2009

When I saw the Kate Moss for Topshop Winter Collection 2009, I was shocked. If I saw the clothes anywhere else outside, I wouldn’t have thought they were Kate Moss’s creations.

They were so…I don’t have the right word for it. Ordinary, maybe?

Everything is black or grey and there are less patterns this time. More solid colours. Embellishments are kept to a minimum and dresses are less sexy (it is meant for winter, after all). Her collection is a mixture of sophistication and minimalism, almost to the line of boring. I said almost.

This collection has a little bit of Kate Moss about it (animal prints, one-shoulder, fur, suede) but it didn’t look as homeless hippie-like as her previous collections were. There are more ruffles this time, and a lot of long sleeved dresses. She also created a bigger lingerie and sleepwear line. The lingerie screams tacky, but I love the sleepwear. Lots of romantic satins for you lovers and full cannot-see-anything pajamas for the married ones. Hehe.

What’s most prominent to me about her latest collection is that it is very much Orient-inspired. A lot of Chinese mandarin collars, usage of buttons, Japanese obi belts, subtle Oriental patterns such as bamboo and lotus flower; she must’ve been to China or Japan recently. Didn’t think to stop by Malaysia, did you, Kate?


I love the coat and the jacket. The coat especially is very Victoria Ford-like and I am itching to get it. I don’t like how it comes out too much at the bottom, but that can easily be fixed with a little visit to the tailor. I’m falling in love with the classy black colour and beautiful pattern and those pretty diamante buttons that bring the coat to life. It also has a little strip of diamante at the back.

I know I’m in KL, but I’m sure I’ll travel to cold countries one day right?! And then what am I going to wear? Would you really let me freeze to death with a not-so-pretty coat? It’s hard to find coats this nice right? Plus, it’s black. It goes with everything. And I don’t have a black coat. I know this coat costs £250, but this is practically an investment because classic coats like this last forever. I can picture myself wearing it when I’m 40 and traveling with my gorgeous husband and 5 cute kids. If I buy this coat now, I will never have to buy another black coat ever again and I can sleep at night peacefully knowing that I have a black coat in my closet.

I wantttttt.

I practically need this coat.

Me: Dad……coat….Topshop only…..bla bla bla…

Dad: Why would you need a coat? Where are you going to wear it to?

Me: Traveling! You know, for work purposes on business trips. Not traveling for fun. I would never have fun.

Dad: How much?

Me: Itcoststwohundredandfiftypounds but really, would you put a price on your daughter’s happiness?…..bla bla bla bla bla *justifying the coat* bla bla bla….I will never buy another coat in my life.

Dad: OK. If you say you won’t buy another coat in your life, you can get it.

Me: NO no no no I meant I won’t buy another BLACK coat in my life.

Dad: No. You said coat. Too bad *smiles and walks away*


So how now?

What you think ah?