make up 101 for the boys

November 9, 2009

Mom was taking out her “good” bag that she only wears to special events.

Me: Where you going? Where you going? Where you going?????? *I asked, curious*

Mom: A fashion show *she said as if she goes to fashion shows for a living*

Me: HAHAHHAHAH. Very funny. Seriously, where are you going with that bag?

Mom: A fashion show!

Me: Oh…*slightly offended that she didn’t invite me*

Mom: I’d invite you, but I know it’s not your thing.

Me: WHATT!?! Fashion shows are more my thing than yours!

Mom: It’s a fashion show on Muslimah Islamic clothing.

Me: Have fun at the show *leaves her room hurriedly, before Mom starts her lecture on why-are-you-not-covering-your-head-by-now-you-are-old-already- what-kind-of-a-Muslim-are-you*


My sister and I would be stupid not to follow her though. Not to the fashion show, but to Pavillion. Mom can sit and watch anorexic girls sashay pass her, but my sister and I would be shopping while waiting for her to finish.

Mom called. “Wanna come join me? There are empty seats here.”

“No, thanks!” My sister and I chirped unanimously.

Because we were here


The Chanel Make Up Studio in Parkson, Pavillion. We were like little girls in a candy store ooh-ing and aah-ing at the make-up selection before our eyes.

My sister, the make-up virgin, got her make-up consultation (after I had to break her arm and leg) and left with a bunch of Chanel products, some unnecessary ones too. I just know she’s going to forget she has them in a few days.

Being at the make-up studio made me feel all girly. It never fails to amaze me when I see sooooo many shades of pink and red and brown and beige. It’s actually quite scary how women obsess over these small things!

So boys, let’s try to understand our obsession….Take a deep breath…they don’t teach you this in school.


For the face, there’s make-up base, foundation, powder, concealer, highlighter, blotter, and all sorts of other unnecessary things. And in these categories, there are sub-categories based on your skin type. You’d have to be either really really eager, or really really need a job if you use ALL the products and follow the steps one by one every single day.

I’d say that face is the trickiest part for me. Blending techniques, shading techniques….grrr.


Lip products consist of lip liner, lip buffer, lipgloss, lip balm, lip tint, and of course the simple lipstick (Well, not THAT simple la…we have glossy, matte, glittery, wet shine…)

I hardly use lipstick. Because they just wipe off everytime I eat, so it’s such a waste. And because I sometimes bite my lips (I know I know bad habit), I’m actually eating the RM100 I spent on the lipstick. It wouldn’t be so bad if they were yummy or nutritious, but they’re not…. You can show me all sorts of long-lasting lipstick that you only have to apply once a month and it stays there the whole time…but somehow, the lipstick will just disappear from my lips in a few minutes.

So I just stick to lip balm solely to moisturise my lips.


For the eyes, there are eyeliner (waterproof and non-waterproof, pencil and liquid), eyebrow pencil, eyebrow groomset, mascara (not always black), eyelash curler, and a gazillion shades of eyeshadows. This, I use a lot. I love eyeshadows. And looking at this gives me goosebumps. I spent a longgg time standing there while waiting for my sister.


Chanel eyeshadows don’t really stick well on my eyes. If you have this problem too, you can try wetting the applicator a little bit before applying. The colour will be more apparent and darker.

Boys, if this hasn’t scared you enough…

Here are the brushes.


Very important stuff. Some say even more important than the make-up. It’s not necessary to own each one of them, but every girl should know which brush does what. Brushes are very expensive (because they use real hair), so they should be taken care of and cleaned every so often.

On top of that, boys, we have nail varnishes, fragrances, cleansing products, moisturisers, day cream, night cream, morning cream, afternoon cream, evening cream, 4 am cream, before dinner cream, after dinner cream…heheh…OK now I’m just messing with your heads.

But seriously, we have a lotttt of products in our bathrooms….and we use them all and we NEED them ALL.

That is why we get pissed off when you rush us all the time.

We are actually quite scary, and you complain about how high-maintenance and crazy we are.

And yet, you’re still here. 🙂

Now, who’s the crazy one?