mbla 09

November 17, 2009

I went for the Malaysian Business Leadership Awards 2009 last weekend.

MBLA 09 is an event to honour CEOs and leading companies for their achievements. They have different awards for different categories e.g. telecommunications, construction and engineering, manufacturing, retail chains, automotive, real estate, land banking, investment banking, private and public education, medical and several others. And the most prestigious ones; Lifetime Achievement Award.

I’m not sure how they assess nominations, but I’m guessing based on revenue, profits, innovation, strategy and the consistency of the business in general.


The event kicked off with doa recital followed by a diverse series of performances.


Drum performance that seemed to go on foreverrrrrrrr.


A 1 Malaysia dance performance by Lim Kok Wing University students that was too colourful and messy. Their costumes had too many clashing colours that made the dance steps looked confusing. And they should’ve rehearsed more because one girl kept looking at the others and repeated whatever they were doing. Don’t think she can get away with it, I have eagle eyes. Hehe.



A hair show by Snips hair salon. The CEO even came up and did one hair style on the spot. It was his designer hair style which is just basically a messy afro that my nephew does to me all the time.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend cabaret-like performance.


A really cool almost scary mask-changing performance by a single individual. She could change her masks on her face in a split second, it’s sooo weird.


The winners were announced one by one with a really short message of what they’re company is about. The winners were pretty much expected with their monopoly in their respective markets and well, they sponsored the event. Hehe. But what really surprised me was the winner for the Retail Chain Category..guess who won?


And another cool thing was that they had a category for Women CEO of the Year. She was the only woman receiving an award for the night.


It was quite an inspiring night for me. It opened my eyes to the opportunities in our country and how I should work hard if I want my dad’s company to flourish even further.

My face is going to be up there in a few years. As a young Woman CEO of the year.

OK stop dreaming. Start working.