more biyan please

November 13, 2009

I find myself being more attracted to more covered clothes now. Anything off-shoulder, sleveless, low cuts, too short; I don’t seem to want to wear anymore.

Maybe I’m spending too much time with Opah that I’m becoming a grandma myself.

Or maybe it’s because I’ve had the chance to wear those in London (which reminds me that I have some clothes to sell here…I know some of you have asked, but I’ve been swamped with work…I’ll try put them up soon) and now I’m becoming more mature and not let skin show too easily to just anyone.

But I remember even in London, I was really uncomfortable in those so-called sexier clothes. Tube dresses, miniskirts…they were fun for dressing up, but I found myself pulling the skirt down as much as I can, or pulling the top up when men were staring too much. I felt like I was parading my body for free and it made me uneasy. It just isn’t me to bare all, I’m a little bit stingy with my skin. If that makes any sense. Hehe.

I feel like wearing more respectable clothes but I still want them to be gorgeous and sexy in their own way.

That’s why I feel that Biyan is the perfect example of what I’m trying to describe.

Mostly decent but with such high elegance and luxurious material. The beadings are always amazing and the workmanship is fantastic. The clothes are trendy but never neglecting the culture of the traditional kebaya. So I can feel good wearing nice clothes but I still feel proud to preserve the Malay girl in me.

Of course something this nice comes with a high price tag, but it’s just so difficult to say no to Biyan clothes.

Some damage in Jakarta the other day:





A supersweet light pink wrap top with cut-outs and pop-up (I don’t know what they’re called, I’m not a fashion student!) flowers. Paired with skinnies and heels, you can’t really go wrong.




A nude tunic with intricate beadings, cut-out flowers, fine mesh and button detailing. I guess for a more glam look, I could put on a longer slip and make this a dress with hair up into an elaborate bun, or just plain curled pushed back by a pretty headband. For a more casual look, I’d wear this as a tunic with some black leggings.



I bought this cover-up for my sister because she loves to wear cardigans. The colour is just sooo sweet and girly and it can brighten up any dull outfit. I foresee myself borrowing this from her, turning up to her house in simple blue jeans and a white tank top, pushing her aside, heading straight to her wardrobe, asking “Where is it?! Where is it?!!”


I instantly thought of Toots when I saw these. She loves ballerina slippers and because she’s tall and thin, I thought she would look so good in these with simple jeans. And she keeps bugging me about Biyan everytime I go to Jakarta. Too bad she has giant feet so I can’t borrow these flats. She was jumping up and down when they fit perfectly and I felt so happy and satisfied.

It’s not that I’m not sincere when I do things, but it makes a big difference when you stop to say thank you and show some gratitude when someone gets you something, expensive or not. Some people take friendships for granted that they think a simple “thank you for that” is minute or worse they don’t even think to say thanks, but it makes a big difference when someone made an effort for you. It shows people’s characters.

Anyway, I was so happy with my Biyan purchases and I can’t wait to wear them. Eeeep!! 🙂

Just a little tip: Chiffon is very delicate, so it’s best not to keep them hung. The hanger edges can create a permanent dent in the fabric. Chiffon with heavy beadings that has lining inside shouldn’t be hung for long either. After a while, the chiffon will get heavy and stretch downwards (pulled by the beadings and ermm gravity I guess), leaving the lining and the chiffon at uneven lengths; the chiffon bit longer than before. So, if you have chiffon clothings, fold them instead, just to be safe. And of course, iron them first when you want to wear them.