my own oracle

November 15, 2009

I had a productive Saturday. Well, for my standard anyway….

I spent the day with Alia, celebrating her first non-working weekend. Poor girl is so sleep-deprived. She recently got a job at a bank and they have been training her to her bones. She told me about the crazy drilling and brainstorming sessions and the impossible deadlines. She has to drive back home early in the morning, and even had to sleep in the office for 2 nights. The first thing I had to ask was, “OMG what if you forgot to bring your make-up set?”


At night, I went into crazy neat-freak mode. I’ve always liked things to be arranged properly and neatly, from appearance to height of books on my bookshelf. I even got the title Little Miss Tidy in college.


I’m very passionate about my clothes. I love all of them and I try to wear them equally, although I secretly have favourites. I wanted an organised wardrobe system where I can know what I have even without having to look through each one.

So I scooped up all the clothes from my closet and documented each one.


Took pictures of every single one of them and patiently arranged them back nicely, according to their colours. The delicates, sequins, cardigans, and expensive shirts are hung. The rest are folded.







I was a bit disappointed that they weren’t folded immaculately with standard sizes, but folding has never been my forte in life. Pftt. I hate folding almost as much as I hate ironing.

I have limited closet space in my room and with pyjamas,Β lingerie,Β towels, bedsheets, tops and traditional clothes, I had to move jeans, dresses and jackets to another room. It’s quite a hassle moving around to get ready in the morning, but until the new house is ready (I demanded a hugggeeee Kimora Lee style wardrobe and also a big scrapbooking area….I don’t even have to have a room, I can sleep on the floor!), I have to be patient.

After a few hours of photography, folding and arranging, I am so happy to have all my clothes at the tip of my fingertips. Literally. They’re all stored in my computer and now I can just choose what to wear just by looking at the screen. I categorised them into tops, bottoms, jackets, traditionalwear and dresses and arranged them according to brand names and within the brands, arranged even more according to style (sleveless, short sleeved, long sleeved, bootcut, skinny, wide leg) for my easy reference. Just be thankful I didn’t arrange them according to colour too.










Traditional wear

Ahhh the time wasn’t wasted after all. I might be anal, but I’m so proud looking at all my beautiful clothes nicely shown on screen.

The only bad thing about this is that you will be faced with the total number of your clothes and you might just smack yourself for not realising you have A LOT of clothes. After all the giving away and dumping into the “Don’t-want-anymore” pile, I am left with 250 tops, 50 pairs of jeans, 46 dresses, 30 baju kurungs and kebayas, and 20 jackets.

Nevertheless, I’ve created my own very basic Oracle. And I’m super happy.Β But exhausted too. I should have arm muscles by now. I haven’t done shoes, handbags and accessories yet but I’ll leave that for another fun day.

If nothing else works for me in life, I would be a wardrobe organiser, like Kim Kardashian minus the sex tape. HAHAA. Seriously, I actually enjoy all this organising! If you ever need to organise your wardrobe but you’re lazy, I’d be more than happy to do it for you! Just like how crazy Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. wanted to wash people’s cars parked outside because she just couldn’t stand looking at unkept things.

Need to sleep. Good night everyone! πŸ™‚