national women entrepreneurs award 2009

November 27, 2009

I went for the National Women Entrepreneur Awards 2009 a few days ago, and it was yet another inspiring event for me.

Habib Jewels and Farmasi Cosmetics were among the main sponsors and they had booths outside the ballroom in case anyone felt like shopping.



I, of course, didn’t dare go near the Habib Jewel booth. Can buy a house!

To add salt to the wound, one of the performances that night was a jewellery show by Habib Jewels. Pretty hungry models in gorgeous Carven Ong dresses clad in millions of Ringgits worth of bling. The Queen officiated the event so there was a section of the performance dedicated to her; diamond tiaras.



The MC reminded all of us that Habib Jewels had a booth outside, so all the men there should go and buy for their women. I bet the men pretended not to hear that or just hid in the toilet the whole night.

Sheila Majid also performed a few of her famous numbers. She was wearing RM2 million worth of jewellery from Habib. Yes, I would be smiling like that too.


The award ceremony was saved for last when they invited all the 10 finalists on stage. There was a short presentation on screen with brief messages and useful tips from these successful women.



The Women Entrepreneur of 2009 was awarded to the owner of Smart Reader, Dr Wang. She won a Proton Persona, some cash and hundreds of thousand Ringgit worth of goodies such as a hotel package and spa package. She sent her representative because she was very ill that night. We later found out that she is a cancer survivor and I’m sure we were all inspired by her success and it proved that nothing is impossible and there is no excuse not to work hard.

I met many people there, and it was a stupid mistake to forget to bring name cards! They were all important business women and it was a privilege to meet so many in one night. Success stories overdose! I was also on the same table as Ning Baizura and she was such a friendly person. But of course, bling everywhere, she even had diamantes on her nails!

Some pictures from the night:



Nadia, Zalina Azman, Ning Baizura




With Ku Nor Azreena, the heiress to Atikah’s Songket. Thanks for a wonderful night, darling 🙂


With Datin Freida, the Chairman of Cempaka Schools. Sekolah Sri Cempaka is amazzzingggg, you should send your future kids there! And I’m not just saying that because I’m a Cempaka product myself *ahem*


I love my batik outfit for the night. In case you were wondering, it’s from Mimpikita. They specialise in batik silk, clothes and accessories and I loveeeee their batik especially. And they’re so wonderful; they altered this outfit for me in just 2 hours right before the event, without compromising the workmanship.

I was introduced to Mimpikita when I got an email from one of my blog readers, who is one of the owners of the company and she graciously invited me to visit her shop. I’ve bought 3 outfits from them already, and I can’t wait to blog about them.

Till then, Selamat Hari Raya Haji to all fellow Muslims. And to non-Muslims, enjoy the long weekend!

I know I will. 😉