opah’s english lesson

November 7, 2009

I speak English a lot at home. So I was really surprised when I found out Opah didn’t know the meanings of the most basic English words. Like “Yes”, “No”, “I love you”, “Eat”.

The only English word she understands is “Bye.”

So I thought I’d teach her to say things in English.

Me: Say “Yes”

Opah: *squints one eye open and wakes up from her sleep* Aku nak tidur ni. Pergi jauh-jauh [I want to sleep. Go away].

Me: Alaaa…say “Yes”!!

Opah: Eeyesshhh.

Me: Good. Say “No”

Opah: …N..N…Nur

Me: Not Nur. No! No-ooo *making a big round O with my mouth*

Opah: Nur.

Me: Make a round O with your mouth. *I demonstrated*


Me: Hahahahah. Open your eyes la!!

Opah: Hahhhhh.


Me: Say “I love you”

Opah: I layu…..Eh bunga aku kat luar tu dah layu ke, pergi tanya diorang. [Have my flowers outside wilted? Go ask the maids]

Me: *sighs* Say “KLIA”

Opah: Clay.

Me: Ish….say “K”!

Opah: K.

Me: L!

Opah: L

Me: I!

Opah: I

Me: A!

Opah: A.

Me: There. KLIA!

Opah: Dair. Clay.

Me: *slaps forehead* Opah!!

Opah: Ishh cukup la tu. Aku dah penat, aku dah penat. Aku nak tidur. [Enough. I’m tired, I’m tired. I want to sleep] *snores back almost instantly*

OK, so English lesson one was a failure.

But it’s only the first day. First day jitters.

Every student will be nervous on their first day.

Or in Opah’s case, extremely lazy and sleepy and uninterested.

Major gangster student case.


Me: *takes a deep breath…this is it…the real test…* OK, Opah…say “Chanel”.

Opah: Chanel.

Me: OMG….say it again. Cha-nel.

Opah: Chanel.

Me: OMG.

Opah: Apakebenda maigod maigod ni.

Ahhh!!! I couldn’t believe my ears. She said it in true native Chanel language.

OMG!!! She’s so cool!!!! Out of all the words I taught her, this is the one she said the best.

She really is my grandmother. Hehehe. Made my day.


Maybe I should try it on Little Niece. I better teach her all these things from young.