spaghetti goreng mommy-style

November 1, 2009

Sundays are always a nice day to have breakfast with your family…that is, if you wake up. It’s always nice to cook on Sunday mornings while the rest of the family set the table, watch TV or in some cases, get out of bed grudgingly and brush their teeth while grunting unhappily.

See, it’s not that I can’t cook. Even though no one believes me, I can cook! Haha. Oh heck, none of you know me personally. I’M A TERRIFIC COOK! Hahaha.

I used to bake as a child. I just love to sit in front of the oven and watch my cake or cupcakes rise slowly. TING, the oven will make a sound. I’ll take it out, and my family will come and cut themselves a piece while I watch in satisfaction. But then slowly, everyone got scared of diabetes and high blood and getting fat in general (ok the last one was me..). So baking had to be put aside.

I moved on to proper meals. I tried a lot of recipes; from chicken rice to beef curry to roast chicken to lasagna. Of course there were times where I would invent my own food and serve to people whose confused faces were as scrunched up as used tissue.

What is that?? *pokes at the food to see if it was alive*

Kuey teow soup! Duh.

Umm…where’s the soup and where’s the kuey teow? Did you blend them together?!

OK, so I didn’t know you couldn’t cook the kuey teow with the soup, without it absorbing the soup like crazy and becoming mashed kuey teow. Kuey teow is difficult to cook!!

But I swear I improved! Haha

I enjoyed my UK days a lot in terms of experimenting with my kitchen. I cooked almost everyday and the fun part was that my friends and I would have pot luck or a big feast and we’d eat together like a big happy family. My cooking partner was always Stella; we had soooo much fun in the kitchen and spent more time posing with oranges on our heads and having a competition to see who can catwalk with a Pringle tube on their heads for the longest time. Hello, law students have a lot of stress, ok.

But we cooked like good housewives and we would comment on each other’s cooking to improve our skills; too much salt, too much sesame oil, pasta too soft and the rare “it’s just not nice.”

As sad as I am that Stella isn’t here with me in KL, the stove has to go on.

So today Mom and I cooked. OK  fine, I watched as she cooked. I need a break from too much cooking in London.

Spaghetti Goreng (Fried Spaghetti) Mommy-style.

Lots of garlic

Lots of onion

Olive oil




Chopped Yellow pepper

Chopped Green pepper

Chopped Red pepper

Chopped Tomatoes

  1. Boil spaghetti and 2 tablespoons of salt. Drain, put aside.
  2. Fry a lot of garlic and chopped onion in olive oil.
  3. When brown, throw in cleaned clams and prawns.
  4. Add chopped yellow pepper, green pepper, red pepper and tomatoes.
  5. Add pepper and salt to taste.
  6. Add spaghetti and mix like crazy.
  7. Sprinkle chopped parsley and Mom says it’s nicer if you can sprinkle those tiny “bawang goreng” haha. If you like also, squeeze lemon.




I love this fried spaghetti because it’s easy to make and it’s healthy. Only olive oil, only seafood, and spaghetti is a much healthier option than the yellow mee noodle.

There! A proper recipe!! To those of you who complained about my Roast Beef non-recipe which wasn’t helpful (hehe), in your face! Hehehe. Mom practically read this out to me, so she’s doing her “Guest Blogger” duties. Without actually typing, because the way she types, you’d only get recipes out of her next year.

So, you’re welcome! 🙂