summer make up

November 24, 2009

I remember having a chat with Dean’s brother’s girlfriend back in London (Dean has 5 boys in the family, so all their girlfriends might as well take a number).

Gf No. 1 and I were talking about her abnormal love for skincare and make-up. She was telling me she had many foundations that she bought to try out and she hasn’t even opened some of them yet!

And I was like Nahh…I’m not that into make-up.

Well watch me eat my words now.

Because I’ve developed some love for make-up. I didn’t own that many make-up (just the basics; foundation, a couple of eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara, and ONE lipstick). But my god, this year my supplies have grown exponentially. I started learning techniques, by experimenting and taking people’s advice, and now I enjoy the art of make-up.

More make-up purchases last weekend:




Chanel is having a promotion; limited edition 6 brushes; complete set for make-up. Each brush can cost up to RM100 to RM200, but this set was RM294 so obviously very worth it. It also comes with a Chanel storage case which can be conveniently used for a make-up case, because the right side with the zipper can store many things.

Perfect for my travels.


A concealer stick


Finally, a nude lipstick for me. I use a lot of eyeshadow, so I like to have a lighter colour on my lips.


I used the Pro Lumiere and I didn’t like it; too shiny. So I’m sticking to my Mat Lumiere.


Many many free samples!


My sister and I brought Opah shopping with us in her wheelchair. She had fun sight-seeing around the mall but I’m pretty sure she was so bored at the Chanel make-up counter. We had to hurry up, because she was sleeping sitting down, if you look closely in this picture above.

I’ve been watching Michelle Phan‘s videos on YouTube and I really like her Summer Sunset eyes one.

Picture 4

Picture 2

So I tried it on myself. I skipped the red and the purple, because I didn’t want too many colours.


Of course I’m no professional make-up artist like her, so it looked nothing like hers! Hehe.

And plus, my dad was rushing me to go for a drive with him. Pfft men. I’m not into cars much (more of a Point A to Point B kind of girl) but my dad lovessss cars so I often have to pretend to listen to his V46 engine whatnots.


Just want to leave you with a random picture of Opah and I.

I taught her how to pout and I think she got the hang of it pretty fast. Haha.


Opah wearing Chanel. Me wearing Marc by Marc Jacobs