too grand

November 1, 2009

You are the first person I see when I come into the house, and the last person I kiss before I leave the house.

You are the soft voice telling me to work hard and keep my eye on the prize. You are the strong spirit that tells me to forget useless memories and remember God instead. You are the strength that helps me realise some things in life are not as important as I think they are. You are the light that helps me realise some things in life are important whenever I stupidly forget. You are the person who tells me stories about our family roots that inspire me to want to be successful in life.

You are the reason I try to always keep myself grounded.

I love that you wait at the front porch every morning to send me off to work. I love that you don’t sleep until I come home at night. I love that you sleep hugging my pajamas. I love that you hate it when people wake me up when I’m sleeping. I love that you never forget about my late grandmother, Tok, because you and I love her equally. I love that you have to kiss the bottom of my chin where no one else kisses. I love that you can’t go a day without hearing my voice. I love that you appreciate me for who I am.

I like the person I am growing up to be because of you.

And I don’t know what I’d do without you.