watermelon by marian keyes

November 18, 2009

I finished reading Watermelon by Marian Keyes.


It usually takes me 2-3 days to finish a book, but this time it took a month! Not because it was boring or anything, but because I couldn’t find time to read much and when I want to continue it, I tend to start from the beginning all over again because I’ve lost the momentum. Hehe. Waste time, much?

I’m proud to say I’ve finished it!! Weeee.

And let me tell you this…Marian Keyes is hilarious!! I imagine her to be quite sarcastic effortlessly in real life, but well I wouldn’t know. Her humour is projected in almost every single page and even in moments when you should feel sorry for the character, you can’t help but laugh at her.

When I read, I like to tab the pages that have interesting phrases or techniques that I want to remember. Usually it’s 3-4 pages per book, but I found myself tabbing on every other page! It was quite annoying until I had to use the tab stickers as my bookmark!

The story opens with the birth of Kate, daughter and first child to Claire and James. When James visited Claire in the hospital on the day of the birth, he announced that he was leaving her. Just like that. Of course, there was another woman. So, the reader is invited to see how Claire moves on with her life, rising and falling repeatedly along the way. One day, James comes back (don’t men always come crawling back…*blows nails*) and she’s left with a choice.

The storyline is pretty typical and the ending is expected; we’ve seen it in countless movies and books.

But the way Marian Keyes writes is so enjoyable and so honest and of course, extremely funny. I can’t wait to read her other books.

Now,  you probably think I’m such an airhead reading only chic lits and nothing else.



See, I read Investing for Dummies.



Fine, so maybe read isn’t the most accurate word.


I wouldn’t take a quiz on investing anytime soon.

But I swear the first 10 pages were really interesting!

It’s just that we should never read in bed.