weekend purchases

November 9, 2009

I used to avoid shopping malls during the weekends. Any advertisement about weekend sales I just ignore, because it’s a death scene with a stampede of scary women fighting for things.

Now, I have no choice. If I want to go to the mall, weekends are the only options.

So, I brave myself to the crowded buildings if I want to have meals with friends or just browse shops for fashion updates.

I realise it’s not so bad. Once you ignore everyone else and pretend you’re the only one in the mall, things start to look much better and less busy. Of course parking is a nightmare, but you can use that waiting time to finish your essay that is due the next day.

I’m going off topic here, but OMG can Kelisa owners pls park in a way that people know that the parking spot is occupied?! It hurts my heart when I see an illusion of an empty parking spot and I rush my car there just to find that the cute but deceitful car has parked right to the wall. Grrr.

OK, so this weekend I OD-ed on the shopping. But this doesn’t happen everyday and I haven’t been to a mall in God knows how long. LONG, OK!


Topshop Denim Shirt. I love the relaxed, low-maintenance look it gives.


Topshop striped top. I don’t usually wear stripes, but I love the gold buttons on the side.


Kate Moss for Topshop jumper. It looks so smart when worn, and the diamante on the shoulders add a bit of glam to an otherwise plain knitwear.


Kate Moss for Topshop dress. I don’t usually wear dresses, but this looks decent enough.


Topshop blazer. My favourite purchase! I love how cool it looks with the contrasting cuff.


Marc by Marc Jacobs top. Perfect for work. I love the two-tiered voluminous sleeves, and the material is just so soft.


Aldo heels. These are basic, everybody needs black heels. I’m not a shoe person, so this new purchase will last me for months.

I’m so happy with my new clothes. I haven’t been to Topshop for soooo long, so I got a bit excited. Hehe. I don’t like it when pretentious girls go like “OMAGAW TOPSHOP EWWW…I’m sooo not a Topshop girl.” Shut up ok…everyone’s a Topshop girl.