young corporate malaysians annual summit 2009

November 23, 2009

In school, I was always told to work hard to have a successful career.

But as I grow up, I realise that hard work isn’t enough.

What they forgot to tell you was that networking is crucial too.

Without contacts, it’s quite hard to do any business.

That is why I jumped at the opportunity to join the Young Corporate Malaysians organisation.

YCM hosts many events such as CEO Series, motivational talks and networking sessions, perfect to pitch sales or generally get to know other people in your line of work and others too. Along this journey you will be sure to make new friends too.

YCM will be holding their 1st Annual Summit 2009, and are welcoming those aged 21 – 35 to attend this prestigious event.


There will be a panel of successful handsome men speaking; the likes of Dato’ Seri Husni Mohd Hanadzlah, Tan Sri Halim Saad, Dato’ Seri Tony Fernandes, Dato’ Johan Raslan, Dato’ Justin Leong, Omar Mustapha, Tengku Zafrul Tengku Aziz, Ruben Emir Gnanalingam, Reza Ghazali and Michael Foong.

You can ask them anything…like WHYYY are you spending gazillions for a Malaysian F1 team, Dato’?

Lots of young, gorgeous, smart and ambitious people in one room, you’d be silly not to go. 😉 Best of all, it’s free to become a member. They probably understand the fates of most fresh graduates with holes in our pockets.

So, 12th of December (a day after my birthday ahemmm, for those who want to bring me presents, I’ll prepare a lorry), bright and early at 9 on a Saturday morning, put on your best lipstick and head over to Menara Integriti, Off Jalan Duta. Bring some mints too since you’ll be talking to lots of people.

Bet you’re kicking yourself for not being in the age group anymore (or yet to be).


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Dean: Michael Foong will be there?!!!!!

Me: Who’s Michael Foong?

Dean: YOU DON’T KNOW WHO MICHAEL FOONG IS?! I suggest you don’t go.

Me: Ohhhh I know. He’s from Accenture.

Dean: Haha so you were just pretending to be dumb.

Me: Yeah, duh.

Thank god for the big sign behind Michael Foong’s picture.