10 carats

December 28, 2009

Was the size of Amanda’s ring!


Sorry, I just had to.

Manda and Saify got engaged last weekend, in a super beautiful ceremony. The whole house was lavishly decorated and the food was just so yummy I had to stop myself from going for seconds. There was even live gamelan music to sooth us while we stuff our face with nasi dagang.

And of course, Manda and Saify looked radiant! Such a sweet couple, who looked like Bollywood film stars that night!

Congratulations to you both, especially Amanda who I’ve known since high school (and who is younger than me, btw *cries blood*).

Can’t wait for the wedding!!



Future mother in law put the ring on Amanda’s finger, because in Islam, Amanda and Saify aren’t supposed to touch yet! Hehe.



Me, Ayden, Nurul


The happy couple!!


What is this touching touching? Hehe.



I also went to Stella’s to pay respects to her family, who celebrated Christmas. She was red, because it was er…hot? *cough*



And whaddayaknow, I came back with some presents under the Christmas tree that had my name on them.

Thank you Stell!!!!

And a belated Merry Christmas to my Christian readers, and Happy New Year to everyone!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

P/S: My green Kurung Kedah was by Mimpikita. Awesome people!