benefit yourself

December 24, 2009

On top of having very good make-up, Benefit cosmetics always have a one-up against other brands because of their packaging and quirky names.

I’m a sucker for colourful things that stand out, so I’m always on the lookout for new Benefit products.

Their latest promotion is the Glam Idol (RM 269).


I just loveee the bag! I don’t know what I’m going to do with it. I mean, it won’t exactly be normal for a working girl to be carrying this around as a teeny weeny lunch box. Maybe I’ll let my little niece carry it around like her very own Chanel bag.


Even the inside looks like a real bag, with the zip and a “Benefit” label and all. Very cute.

And it’s quite sturdy because it clasps like a real bag with the built-in magnet and all.

Oh yeah, the insides. *slaps forehead*


1. Posie tint – pink liquid blusher.

2. That Gal – make-up base primer which I actually use as a highlighter for my cheeks and brow bone. hehe

3. California Kissin’ – a cool minty lipbalm that leaves your lips all tingly and refreshed. It’s erm blue…and glittery hehe but I swear when you put it on, it becomes clear. It’s supposed to be smile brightening, but you can be the judge of that when I smile at you. hehe.

My absolute favourite product of the moment is…..


…The Benefit Posie Tint.

It looks like a pink nail polish, but you’re supposed to dab in on your cheek and blend with your fingers to make a pink blusher effect.


The colour is just so sweet and it blends and stays on really well.

I’ve been looking for a good blusher actually. I tried the cream blusher, but it makes my cheeks too shiny. I tried the powder blusher, but because my skin tends to get dry, the powder doesn’t blend very well and it makes me look all patchy.

So this Posie tint liquid blusher is perfect! It doesn’t leave you all shiny, and it blends really well since it’s in liquid form. So happy with it!!

Too bad it only comes in one shade (pink)!